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Relieving Allergies

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When we’re fully present, we live better. That means smelling what’s in the air, tasting what’s in our food, and seeing what lies ahead. 


Bayer Allergy Products

When allergies strike, they can dull our senses and keep us from truly engaging with the world around us. 


From the garden to the attic to the cat on your lap, potential allergy triggers are everywhere—indoors and out. At Bayer, our goal is to use science to help people live a life free from allergies, no matter their plans or the season.


Our product portfolio helps allergy sufferers manage reactions by addressing severe allergic rhinitis and skin allergies.


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Claritin™ is a non-drowsy antihistamine that provides powerful 24-hour relief against the symptoms of seasonal and perennial allergies: sneezing, watery eyes, and itching in the nose and throat.


The active ingredient in Claritin™ is loratadine, which helps combat both nasal and non-nasal symptoms. Claritin™ products are made for both adults and children and include tablets, capsules, chewables, and flavored syrup.


At Bayer, we want to free people from allergies and help them engage with life. And we’re using science to do it.


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