The Tomorrow Farm Podcast

The tomorrow farm podcast.

A new audio experience that reimagines what’s possible for humanity and our planet, based on what’s possible for agriculture. Produced by Bayer, hosted by Vonnie Lea, and created for everyone with a future on planet Earth.


Are kids hardwired to hate vegetables? Do weeds grow in space? What does earthworm poop have to do with climate change?

Unusual questions, and unexpected answers. That’s what The Tomorrow Farm is dedicated to exploring. 


We traveled across the U.S. and heard from diverse voices across the globe—experts from the energy sector, academia, medicine, data science, artificial intelligence, environmental sustainability, and more, both within Bayer and outside it. From gene editing to the digital revolution, climate change to what sustainability really means (and requires), we hope to demonstrate how agricultural innovation underpins every modern challenge we’re facing, and how we can all be part of the solution. 


About Host Vonnie Lea

Vonnie Lea was born in South London but grew up in cities across the UK, Asia, and Europe. She’s a devoted urban dweller who is passionate about science, technology, and culture. And, over the course of this podcast, she’s become an agriculture advocate after meeting farmers from Maryland to Kenya.

How to Listen 

The Tomorrow Farm is available everywhere you stream your favorite podcasts, or you can stream it right here. 


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