Driving Transformative Innovation, Pursuing Health for All

The convergence of science and technology has ushered in a new era of innovation in the life sciences. Bayer is driving this paradigm-shift by leveraging leading expertise in biology, chemistry, data science and artificial intelligence.


Our scientists draw on a diverse toolbox of modalities to deliver novel and differentiated medicines. We have expanded our capabilities by adding platforms in chemoproteomics, cell therapies and gene therapies. Cutting-edge technologies like generative artificial intelligence enable us to further increase R&D productivity.


By unlocking previously undruggable targets and applying breakthrough technologies, Bayer is challenging the limitations of medical treatment. The know-how of exceptional partners in strategic collaborations complements our internal expertise.


Innovation by Bayer is innovation powered by people. We have committed ourselves to the discovery and development of new therapies that improve the health of millions of patients around the world. Guided by science and our commitment to patients, we strive to address the individual needs of patients in order to achieve improved and sustainable Health for All.

we care for YOU
We care for YOU