Innovation powered by people

“Innovation powered by people” Video Series

What are we currently working on in pharma R&D? Who are the people researching the therapies of tomorrow and how do they do it? What drives #TeamBayer every day? See how employees are inspired to advance science and bring innovation to patients.

Ruth Shah
Meet Ruth Shah – innovating in Gene Editing
What really inspires me is to be a part of this incredible effort at Bayer to create a cell and gene therapy platform that can provide so much value for patients.
Mirko Moroni
Meet Mirko Moroni – innovating in Gene Therapy
I imagine a future where we can predict the course of certain diseases way more in advance than they actually develop.
Stefan Frank
Meet Stefan Frank – innovating in Cell Therapy
Just imagine the more we understand, the more options we have. And that’s what has always excited me.
Lucia Fernandez Lopez
Meet Lucía Fernández López – innovating in Digital Solutions Radiology
Artificial intelligence will augment the role of radiologists today. It will free up time for them to focus on what is most important, the patient and what they want to do.
André Cohnen
Meet André Cohnen – innovating in Genomic Medicine
Innovation is a thing, especially in science, that you have to see, that you have to nurture, and then also have to create the environment for it to actually happen.
Meet Peter Kolkhof and Stefan Heitmeier - innovating in Cardiology Research
“You realize what you can do with your research, with your science … applied science for the patient.”

“If you think about what we are doing it for and why we are doing it, that motivates enough.”