A Value Generating Function


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Procurement at Bayer ensures the timely, global supply of goods and services at suitable market conditions, in the required quality and in accordance with the Group’s ethical, ecological and social standards. We believe that a strategic collaboration with our suppliers can contribute to the overall success of Bayer.

Procurement focuses on security of supply, financial contributions and qualitative requirements while acting in accordance with ethical, environmental, social, and economic principles. These include Bayer’s LIFE values and Bayer’s commitment to compliance.
Compliance enables us to translate our mission into good business results and is therefore a crucial success factor within Procurement on which we cannot compromise. We expect all our suppliers to conduct themselves in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Procurement abides by the Corporate Compliance Policy in addition to local legal requirements, contractual obligations and corporate regulations. Focusing on compliant behavior at an early stage of the business, enables us to operate successfully and sustainably.


Through our procurement volume we exert considerable influence on society and the environment in many regions. In 2022, goods and services were procured from 91,149 suppliers for approximately €23.3 billion and recorded in the Group-wide reporting system.


To know more about our sustainability efforts and to download the supplier code of conduct, please select “Sustainability at Procurement”. For our suppliers, click on invoicing Bayer to learn of our process. If you want to know our conditions of purchase, please click on “Purchasing conditions”.