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Creating a Network of Change Makers for Safe and Sustainable Farming

At Bayer, we are committed to promoting the safe and responsible use of our products. We believe that everyone can play a role in achieving this goal, which is why we launched the Bayer Safe Use Ambassador program in 2017.

SUA_Program Launch Ivory Coast
Bayer Safe Use Ambassador Program launch in Ivory Coast, November, 11 2022

The Safe Use Ambassador program aims to advance farmers' safety and reduce the impact of crop protection products on the environment through knowledge transfer and empowerment. Each year, over a thousand safe use ambassadors successfully complete our program and continue to pass on the acquired knowledge to thousands of farmers in their communities. Furthermore, the program enables us to strengthen our relationships and collaboration with local poison control centers, universities, and other stakeholders in the agricultural industry worldwide.


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A joint vision for advancing farmer safety!

The Bayer Safe Use Ambassador Program aims to advance farmer safety by training diverse stakeholders, such as agricultural and medical students, agronomists, and rural medical practitioners, as "Safe Use Ambassadors." We partner with academia and health professionals to provide tailored trainings on safe use-related topics, as well as regular events and webinars on aspects related to the sustainable use of pesticides for our stakeholders.

  • In partnership with universities, we train agricultural students on the safe and responsible use of crop protection products. In return, the Safe Use Ambassadors sow the seed of safety in their local communities by training thousands of smallholder farmers. Every year, we also reward the most dedicated student from every country with an all-inclusive trip to Bayer Crop Science headquarters in Monheim, Germany, where they get to exchange with other Ambassadors from the agricultural and medical sector and foster their knowledge of safe use.
  • Furthermore, we collaborate with agricultural ministries and regulators for the sake of knowledge exchange and capacity building. This enables us to expand our network of agricultural professionals and promote the responsible and sustainable use of crop protection products worldwide.
  • In 2022, we extended our Safe Use Ambassador Program to the medical sector, offering customized training and access to information and materials on the prevention and treatment of agrochemicals-related poisonings, snake bites, and heat strokes. 
  • Through the program, we equip medical students with vital knowledge on the treatment and prevention of crop protection products-related incidents. In turn, they apply this expertise during their future practice in rural communities. To recognize exceptional students, every year we offer an educational, all-inclusive trip to Bayer Crop Science headquarters in Monheim, Germany which allows them to expand their networks by connecting with fellow Ambassadors from both the medical and agricultural sectors, as well as Bayer scientists and global managers.
  • However, training alone is not enough. To ensure the long-term reduction of incidents, we encourage our ambassadors to report any incidents related to the use of our crop protection products to us. Furthermore, through our partnerships with poison control centers and rural doctors, we aim to expand our database and enhance the post-sale monitoring of our products on the market. This data shall allow us to better identify how we can improve our portfolio and service management, making our products safer every day.
  • In addition, we plan to further extend the program by partnering with the Better Life Farming (BLF) network and assigning a trained medical practitioner to each BLF for enhanced knowledge transfer. To support the healthcare needs of these communities, we will provide snake antivenom antidotes and other items, such as dietary supplements, vitamins, and sunscreen.


Find out more about the Bayer Safe Use Ambassador Program for the Medical Sector:

  • Since 2020, we are regularly conducting webinars and online events for all agricultural and medical sector stakeholders. The main goal is to promote the importance of farmer safety and environmental protection, as well as to provide supporting tools and services.
  • The webinars also provide a platform for academia and public officials to exchange knowledge and best practices on the safe use of crop protection products and technologies. We collaborate with leading universities and research institutes to share the latest scientific findings and innovative solutions in the field.
  • The webinars are free of charge and the recordings are available on-demand for our ambassadors. By providing free and accessible online resources, we hope to promote the wider adoption of safe and sustainable practices in the agriculture sector.

More than 50 universities in over 15 countries

So far, the Safe Use Ambassador (SUA) program for the agricultural and medical sector reached more than 50 universities in over 15 countries, through which more than 11,200 students were trained as certified Bayer Safe Use Ambassadors to date. These Ambassadors have in turn trained thousands of growers during their farm visits and internships.

Safe Use Ambassadors_Updated Outreach Map
Safe Use Ambassador Program Outreach

The Safe Use Ambassador program especially targets countries with no or little legal regulations on the use and application of pesticides. These are primarily countries from the Global South. Program partners (ever-increasing) include agriculture scientists, government extension workers, national agriculture authorities, and SMART growers.

Seeding the future of sustainable farming

Our Safe Use Ambassadors receive comprehensive training and access to various educational materials and outreach tools related to the safe and responsible use of pesticides, both during and after the program. Through participation in the program, ambassadors also have the opportunity to enhance their professional and personal skills, engage with their communities, and contribute to the protection of the environment.

Do you want to become a Safe Use Ambassador and contribute to reducing the risk of pesticide exposure, protecting the health and safety of farmers and their families, and promoting sustainable agriculture practices?


Contact your university chair today to find out if they are one of our partners and learn more about the program. If your university is not currently a partner, please contact us at to learn more about how to get involved.

The key role of partnerships

We partner with academic, government, and non-governmental institutions in the agricultural and medical sectors to facilitate the widespread dissemination of high-quality information on safe use practices, prevention and treatment measures for pesticide poisoning, and to build a network of Safe Use Ambassadors. Our ultimate goal is to bring the agricultural and medical sectors closer together to achieve our mission of "Health for all, hunger for none".

Through these partnerships, we aim to reach a wider audience and create a community of stakeholders committed to promoting safe and sustainable practices in agriculture. 

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Are you ready to join forces with us as a partner in the Bayer Safe Use Ambassador program? 

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