Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Reporting on our Progress

Results and Progress Reviewed by External Experts.

Bayer aims to demonstrate a method for measuring specific on-field GHG emissions in a reasonable approach and that the baselining and performance tracking methodology is adequate. 

The main objective of this report is to document how Bayer quantifies specific on-field greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and soil carbon sequestration. More specifically, this report documents how Bayer compiles inventory data to quantify GHG emissions and conducts a sustainable intensification impact assessment to achieve Bayer’s goal to reduce on-field greenhouse gas emissions of its farming customers per mass unit of crop produced in its major markets by 30% by 2030. 

This page is home to the methodology report (and future iterations) which have gone through 3 cycles of rigorous expert panel reviews. Here, the review report can be found, containing information on the strategic intent behind Bayer’s GHG commitment, a description of the overall methodology and initial baseline calculations, and interpretations of the data.



Download the Report (PDF 1.28 MB)