Bayer AgPowered Services & Microsoft Azure Data Manager for Agriculture

Scaling Sustainability Through Bayer & Microsoft Partnership

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More than ever, farmers around the globe use technology to generate more information about how and what they grow. Doing so can help provide critical information that can help feed a growing population more efficiently and sustainably without further impacting the planet’s natural resources. Beyond the farm, businesses supporting food production and farming are also generating and relying on data to make the best decisions possible to support a healthy, productive and increasingly interconnected food system.

Satellites, field sensors, drones, field equipment, and soil sensors generate hundreds of variables and attributes, but until recently, it’s been difficult and expensive to turn that information into insights because these systems don’t talk to each other. 


Until now, data from all corners of agriculture — production patterns, weather data, insect and disease tracking — were walled off from each other due to a lack of digital infrastructure. Without a common data format across the industry, interoperability and sharing has been challenging and complex.


The collaboration between Bayer and Microsoft has culminated in the launch of the Microsoft Azure Data Manager for Agriculture platform and the release of Bayer AgPowered Services. Azure Data Manager for Agriculture is officially in preview. The platform enables companies in the agri-food value chain to accelerate digital innovation and build new business value using solutions like Bayer AgPowered Services. Built on top of the Azure Data Manager, our AgPowered Services leverage our industry-leading expertise to provide insights on crop health, weather forecast, crop growth tracking, and more.

Product Overview

For preview, Bayer is offering an initial set of AgPowered Services for the Microsoft Azure Data Manager for Agriculture. These services will give platform customers insight into crop health, weather forecasts, crop growth tracking, and more. AgPowered Services were developed based on Bayer’s deep agronomic expertise, and for the first time, Bayer is making our industry-leading intellectual property available for commercial organizations to license.
Farmers will benefit from the increased analytical capabilities of AgPowered Services as they are rolled out through the Climate FieldView application.

The Microsoft Azure Data Manager for Agriculture platform and Bayer AgPowered Services connect disparate data and leverage predictive models to create an ecosystem of insights to help create a more sustainable and transparent value chain.

Scaling sustainability through Bayer & Microsoft partnership

Some of the insights available include: 

  • Tracking disease, insects and weed pressure 
  • Estimating heat stress impact 
  • Applying precision inputs 
  • Identifying crop growth and production patterns 
  • Measuring potential yield 
  • Using crop water usage maps 
  • Analysis of rainfall and weather data


Bringing this disparate information together will allow farmers to adopt more sustainable practices reducing the impact on the climate. Doing so would also move toward satisfying consumer demand for healthier, high-quality food reducing waste and risk while increasing productivity.  

The Microsoft platform leverages Bayer expertise and lets businesses focus resources and innovation on their core competencies instead of on IT infrastructure. This allows customers to go to market with their own solutions by not having to create their own from scratch.

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System Integrators

We provide access to a community of qualified 3rd party technical resources to help customers meet their objectives. Our System Integrators have deep experience with our platforms and can bring their skill sets to projects to help bridge resource gaps. They’re crucial in helping customers scope, define and build tailored solutions unique to their business.

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Getting Started

At this time, Microsoft Azure Data Manager for Agriculture and Bayer AgPowered Services are under limited trial availability for customers and partners. Interested companies will need to request approval to access Microsoft Data Manager for Agriculture during the preview period. Visit the link below to learn more.