Bayer´s Role In Combating Counterfeits

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Bayer takes a zero-tolerance position towards illegal activities and has implemented a global strategy to effectively combat production, transport and use of counterfeit and illegal crop protection products and seeds.

Bayer´s Anti-Counterfeit strategy of the Crop Science Division is based on initiatives and pro-active measures across the entire supply chain – from production via transport up to the distribution, sale and final use of the crop protection products and seeds.

Strong Anti-Counterfeit Network

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Implementation of the strategy and the execution of the related activities are realized through a well-established worldwide organizational network comprising all countries where we do business.

Close cooperation with authorities such as crop protection authorities, customs, and police as well as with enforcement bodies is another key pillar of our Anti-Counterfeit approach. Bayer actively fosters and supports the work relations among authorities by providing services and sharing intelligence.

Bayer is an active member of the Anti-Counterfeit working groups of the crop protection and seeds associations (CropLife International, CropLife Europe, International Seed Federation (ISF) and plays a key role in the cross-industry Anti-Counterfeit working groups.

Close engagement and cooperation with organizations like OECD, UNODC, WCO, EUIPO, Europol and Interpol is a further key element of Bayer´s Anti-Counterfeit approach.

As intermediaries play a key role in the fight against counterfeits, Bayer has established close relation with shipping lines, aiming to detect and prevent the transport of counterfeits or otherwise illegal Bayer Crop Science products.

In the same sense and to prevent the online offering and sales of counterfeit / illegal products, Bayer established close collaboration with the main Online platforms. 

Clearly defined rules for the cooperation with business partners regarding Anti-Counterfeiting


Through a Supplier Code of Conduct and respective contracts, Bayer supports its suppliers, service providers and other business partners to abide by all applicable laws and expects them to take steps to avoid any association with illegal crop protection products / seeds and infringements of the intellectual property rights of Bayer.

Bayer further expects from all its business partners to promptly cease services to a third party if they obtain evidence or are provided with evidence that  they are inadvertently involved in the manufacturing, processing, transportation, distribution or selling of counterfeit or otherwise illegal products via the actions of the third party.

Moreover, Bayer expects full support from its business partners in the investigation and prosecution of any activities connected with counterfeit or otherwise illegal crop protection products or seeds.


Trainings, Awareness campaigns and Safety Features

Bayer continuously provides trainings at all levels of the supply chain, informing about the risks associated with production, transport and use of counterfeit products.

Distributors, farmers as well as authorities are given advice and information on how to distinguish a counterfeit from an original Bayer product.

In support of this, Bayer has developed safety features, allowing a reliable differentiation between counterfeits and original Bayer products.

These features are continuously updated by using latest safety technologies.