Adopting Systems of Solutions with Regenerative Agriculture

Farms of the Future

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Welcome to the Farms of the Future!


Join us for a journey through 4 farms in very different parts of the world and see what our vision for the future of agriculture looks like. Experience in 3D animations how technology comes to life in new, connected systems in farm fields around the globe over the next decade.


Farmers  face huge challenges: By 2050, climate change is projected to reduce harvests by 17%. On top of that, we will need to feed an additional 2.2 billion people by 2050.


That data paints a clear picture for us in agriculture: We need to do things differently. We need to innovate the future of farming to address these challenges.


The animations below show you how we can reach this goal and build a sustainable future for agriculture and the planet.

North America
Europe, Middle East & Africa
Latin America
Asia Pacific
North America
Illinois, USA

Our first farmer, John, operates a 5,000-acre farm in Illinois that his family has held for generations.


Adopting a three-crop system of corn, CoverCress, and soybean, John’s farm is a regenerative agriculture powerhouse, yielding more than ever while restoring soil health and sequestering carbon. With Bayer's expertise in formulation, he is able to get excellent efficacy with fungicides while reducing water use on the field and increase his income opportunities with an additional crop and through his farming practices.


Let's take a look at the technologies behind this transformation in this video.


Watch a directors' commentary version of this video with a few of our leaders in our Inside Innovation series below for the first and second episode!

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Europe, Middle East & Africa
Almeria, Spain

From Illinois, let's take a trip across the Atlantic Ocean - all the way to Almeria, a city on the southern coast of Spain where growers produce food for millions of customers in Europe under protective greenhouses.


One of these farmers is Pablo, a local farmer growing tomatoes on 50 acres. Despite the arid climate, innovations make it possible for him to harvest twice, and sometimes three times per year.


Learn more about Pablo's agricultural practices in this video.


Watch a directors' commentary version of this video with a few of our leaders in our Inside Innovation series below!

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Latin America
Parana, Brazil

From the tomato greenhouses in Spain, we make our way to South America.


The tropical climate in the state of Paraná allows our next farmer, Ana, to operate a unique cropping system using digital tools and systems. This approach gives her access to the right input solutions and connects her to markets demanding produce sourced using regenerative ag practices.


Learn more about how Ana operates her farm in this video.

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Asia Pacific
West Bengal, India

For our final farm tour, we travel thousands of miles and reach the world's most populous country - India. More than half of the workforce in this large and fast-growing nation is engaged in agriculture with rice being the main crop.


Rice is growing on more than 100 million acres to feed the population of 1.4 billion people and support exports.


We meet Ramesh, a West Bengal-based rice farmer in this last video.

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