Raising The Bar

Why Transparency?


Because trust matters—to us, to you and for our collective future. Now more than ever, agriculture is one of humanity’s best solutions to feed a growing population while also caring for our planet.


But it will take all of us, working together to overcome some of our world’s greatest challenges. And for that to happen, it takes trust and open dialogue surrounding the science-based solutions we’re developing to help build a sustainable future. 

Advancing Agriculture Together

Slow, steady and safe.
It takes 12.3 years and $301M on average to bring a new pesticide to market. For GMOs, it’s roughly 16.5 years and $115M.

Farming impacts us all, which is why we believe anyone should be able to understand how our innovations work to empower farmers, improve crops, protect our environment and feed a growing global population. That’s why we provide access to our full safety study reports for our innovations in crop science, so that anyone can explore the scientific rigor and exceeding safety standards that we apply to developing every product. 


By sharing the science, we hope to provide the resources, insights and context that enable you to develop your own understanding about our innovations. Take a look to see how our products support people and our planet by shaping what’s possible in agriculture.


See how we’re honoring our responsibility to farmers, consumers and the planet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to safely advancing agriculture to benefit us all, there’s a lot to know—and even more to ask. That’s why we openly share how we work, what we research and what we discover. 


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