Recognize & Avoid Counterfeits

Due to the unknown compositions and the fact that they are not tested and not approved for use, counterfeit and otherwise illegal products are not safe and pose an unacceptable risk to the farmer, the consumer and the environment.


The biological efficacy of these products is unpredictable and can result in a complete damage of the treated crop.


The use of counterfeit seeds can dramatically reduce the yield of the crop and deteriorate the quality of the produce, leading to a complete loss of the production.

Did you know, offering safe and high quality crop protection products requires very high investment? – Always opt for original products!




Difference between counterfeit and otherwise illegal products

Counterfeit Products

Counterfeit products and seeds intend to mimic original products. They intend to copy the legitimate branded products and typically feature well adulterated labeling and packaging, reproducing the outer appearance of the originals. The content is always unknown.

Sophisticated counterfeit products and seeds are often difficult to distinguish from originals and as a result, are unintentionally purchased by distributors and farmers.


Illegal Products

Illegal products other than counterfeit products do not mimic original products. Their content and composition is as well unknown and their biological efficacy unpredictable.

These products are mainly sold on the black market, in neutral packs with no or very limited labeling.




What can farmers do to avoid the use of counterfeit or otherwise illegal crop protection products and/or seeds?

  • Buy crop protection products / seeds only from a known and trustworthy dealer and never buy from the “black market” (e.g. directly from a truck or from any other non-authorized dealer).
  • Ask for a correct and complete invoice, including the name of the product(s) and/or varieties purchased.
  • Be suspicious if products or varieties are offered at an unusually low price or with foreign labels.
  • Check that the bottle / packaging is originally sealed at the time of purchase. Safety features must be entire and the CapSeal unbroken.
  • For all Bayer products with CapSeal, scan the QR-code on the CapSeal with the Bayer CapSeal App to check the authenticity.