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Better Health for All

Better Health

Everyone deserves the chance to live a fuller, healthier life. As a leader in consumer health, our mission is to use science to improve lives. So far, we’ve helped billions of people, and we won’t stop until there is open access to safe, convenient daily health solutions for all. 


Widening Access to Health Solutions

Every day, we strive to build upon our mission of Health for All, Hunger for None.


With over 170 consumer health brands in our innovative global portfolio, we empower people to manage their health needs in the areas of dermatology, nutritional supplements, pain management, cardiovascular risk prevention, digestive health, cough, cold and allergy care.


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The Information to Live Better

Bayer not only provides products, but also resources and knowledge about how to improve everyday health. We provide helpful information and learning tools to support appropriate self-diagnosis and self-treatment. However, it’s important to consult with a healthcare professional when making health-related decisions.


We believe when people have the power to care for themselves, they live better lives, and healthcare systems around the world become more sustainable. 


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Your Best is Personal

At Bayer Consumer Health, we encourage consumers to think beyond conventional definitions of health and wellness and take control of their personal health — whatever that might look like.  It's one way we're helping billions of people live healthier lives with the most trusted self-care solutions.