CoverCress Seeds Hands

Investing in Climate Solutions

As a global leader in agriculture with significant scale and reach, Bayer understands that we have a responsibility to help address the challenges facing agriculture, the climate, and the world we share.

In August of 2022, Bayer expanded its existing investment in the sustainable lower carbon oilseed producer CoverCress Inc. to acquire majority share. CoverCressTM is a harvestable low-input winter oilseed crop that shows potential to help store carbon in the soil, while improving soil health by increasing organic matter content and contributing to healthy field microbiomes.

Innovating Crops that are Better for the Planet

CoverCress Flowering

Developed by converting field pennycress through breeding and gene editing tools, CoverCressTM is a new low-input rotational cash crop that has the ecosystem benefits of a cover crop. When added into corn and soybean rotations on land during the winter, CoverCressTM has the potential to decrease nitrogen loss, help store carbon in the soil and improve soil health.


Additional Revenue Streams for Farmers

Once CoverCressTM reaches commercialization, it will provide growers a new option for a lucrative cash cover crop that also offers potential sustainability benefits. The oil from crop is intended for use as a new ultra-low carbon intensity fuel feedstock with the goal of providing new options for diesel and jet fuel producers working to reduce their carbon footprint.

Rodrigo Santos
CoverCress is exciting because it has the potential to become an important source for biofuel production as a new harvested rotational crop. It will give growers an innovative option to continue effective stewardship of their land and improve soil quality by acting as a cover crop. As a global leader in crop science, we are committed to decarbonizing agriculture and helping farmers around the world become more sustainable through game-changing products and solutions that can impact climate change.
Rodrigo Santos
President of the Crop Science Division

A Full Value Chain Solution

By leveraging expertise and backing from leaders in fuels, soybean crushing, logistics, and crop sciences, CCI will be positioned to deliver on its full potential via a supply chain that understands its crop’s production, growth, processing, and delivery needs from the ground up.

Partnering to Transform Agriculture 

We know we can’t do this alone. By having leading industry partners from innovation and product development of seeds, to crushing, and fuel production, we have created a unique partnership that’s a first of its kind with experts all along the value chain from field to fuel to create sustainable biofuels.