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Business & Professional Services
Corporate Services Corporate Services include human resources services (e.g. contingent labor, recruitment, employee benefits, outplacement services, training), professional services (e.g. consulting, accounting services, contact center, translation) and white collar (e.g. fleet, office supplies, office furniture). (Details ausblenden)
Distribution & Logistics focuses on all transport modes, warehousing and import/export services. (Details ausblenden)
Event Management includes services from hotels, event agencies, transportation companies, hostesses, conference and technical equipment companies. (Details ausblenden)
Facility Management By definition Facility Management is the administration, management and overhaul of buildings, furnishings and facilities during their phase of use. Additionally Facility Management pursues the consolidated approach of management, integrating the life cycle costs of facilities during the phase of use and the preservation of value of such facilities for their users and the organization. (Details ausblenden)
Marketing Services include creative agencies, digital marketing, medical communication, public relations, market research, media, printed material, promotional items, conferences and events. (Details ausblenden)
Goods and services that support research and development activities for medicines and crop protection products to the point where they can be safely used and marketed. These include clinical services, laboratory service and supply, early development, chemistry, toxicology, computer and animal models as well as field and patient trails, market access and commercialization. (Details ausblenden)
This category includes the sourcing of activities related to business travel, e.g. airlines, hotels, travel agencies and credit cards for the Bayer Group. (Details ausblenden)
IT Hardware, Software & Services
This category includes IT consulting services (managed service / managed project, time and material). (Details ausblenden)
This category includes desktop technology, communication technology and datacenter media technology. (Details ausblenden)
This category includes IT software (ERP, CRM e-content, operation systems, systems management, database software). (Details ausblenden)
Packaging & Finished Goods
Contract Manufacturing includes sourcing of finished goods and related services. (Details ausblenden)
Contract Manufacturing includes sourcing of finished goods and related services. (Details ausblenden)
This category includes formulation inerts, packaging materials, tolling services for formulation, filling and packing, third party active ingredients and finished goods for the agricultural business. (Details ausblenden)
Packaging Materials refers to a broad range of different materials used to pack the sales products of Bayer Consumer Health. (Details ausblenden)
Packaging Materials refers to a broad range of different materials used to pack the sales products of Bayer Pharmaceuticals. (Details ausblenden)
Raw Materials
Medical Devices includes several commodity types (e.g. contrast agent injection systems) and covers all processes used globally to develop leading-edge products that will ultimately be used in an FDA (Food and Drug Administration) controlled environment. (Details ausblenden)
This category includes fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and technological development of active ingredients for the agricultural business. (Details ausblenden)
This category includes raw materials and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). (Details ausblenden)
This category includes raw materials and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). (Details ausblenden)
Technical Goods & Services
The Capital & Engineering sourcing area includes the investment required for designing and setting up capital projects. The segments covered by this area are process equipment, packaging equipment, utility equipment, engineering and construction services, and construction materials. (Details ausblenden)
This category includes the procurement of civil engineering, steel construction, interior design and technical building equipment and services. (Details ausblenden)
This category includes planning services for piping, process control and buildings as well as general and highly specialized engineering services for Bayer. (Details ausblenden)
This category includes reactors, heat exchangers, columns, mixers and agitators. (Details ausblenden)
This category includes analyzers (gas chromatography, photometers, colorimetry, O2-paramagnetic, moisture, ph/redox/conductivity etc.) as well as tube bundle lines. (Details ausblenden)
This category includes process control systems, programmable logic controllers, manufacturing execution systems, sensors (flow transmitters, pressure transmitters etc.), actuators (valves, control valves, stopcocks, etc.), switching technology (isolation amplifiers, power suppliers etc.), connection technology (explosion (Ex) cables, non-Ex cables) as well as fieldbus technology (profibus, modbus, foundation fieldbus, etc.). (Details ausblenden)
This category comprises equipment, machinery, plant components for building, piping, electrical and process control as well as services for engineering, construction, facility management and energies. (Details ausblenden)
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Humans vary in their biological reactions to medicinal products. This is why not all adverse reactions (side effects) associated with the use of medicinal products can be detected during clinical development, not even by the most comprehensive clinical trials. Capturing as many of these adverse reactions, however rare they may be in absolute terms, from worldwide sources is of paramount importance for continued patient and drug safety (pharmacovigilance). 


For Bayer as a global pharmaceutical company, pharmacovigilance takes center stage, beyond mere compliance with worldwide regulations. To enable Bayer to provide up-to date safety information on Bayer products, your support is pivotal, whether you are a customer, patient or healthcare professional. 


If you want to report a side effect or quality complaint, please contact your healthcare professional (e.g. physician or pharmacist) or your local health authority. 


Reports can also be made on our Side Effect Reporting website.

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