Tailored Solutions to Meet the Needs of Each Farmer

A man in a hat stands in a corn field.
Progress on the farm requires a steady stream of human ingenuity.

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to farming. As a result, every solution must be tailored to meet the needs of an individual farmer in a specific field. 

This requires innovation and new ideas. Not only to grow enough but to grow better for our planet and its people. At Bayer, we’re driving research in biology, biotechnology, crop protection, and data science, allowing us to deliver tailored solutions to farmers faster than ever before. We’re using the resources at our fingertips to discover the science that’s yet to come.

Seeds and Traits

Through traditional and advanced breeding techniques, as well as research in biotechnology, we’re developing seeds and traits that provide farmers with new solutions. By making use of the natural genetic diversity within each crop family, we’re building crops that combat environmental challenges — like pests, disease, and drought — while providing more choice for consumers.

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Digital Tools

Using software tools that integrate data from farm equipment, satellites, field sensors, irrigation systems, drones, and other input sources, we’re empowering farmers to make better decisions through data science and predictive analytics. With detailed, real-time assessments of growing conditions and crop health, our digital tools support a sustainable, abundant harvest.

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Crop Protection

Our researchers are using data science each day to target, test, and select only the molecules with the most favorable toxicological profiles for our crop protection products, helping farmers defend their crops against weeds, disease, and harmful insects and fungi. New methods ensure farmers have the most effective and environmentally sustainable tools to grow enough while using fewer natural resources.