Shape a career tailored to your needs

Everyone is different. People are at different stages in their life and have different needs and dreams. We want you to enjoy the career that works for you. That’s why we offer tools and opportunities to help you grow into roles at your pace. We encourage personal and professional development at every level and believe in the power of giving recognition.


Be recognized and valued


At Bayer, you’re recognized and valued for contributions, whether you contribute as an individual or team member. We are a community of people who apply science for a better life for all. We believe appreciation and support as we work toward both personal and professional objectives are vital to our ability to solve global challenges. Creating and maintaining working conditions enabling personal success, satisfaction, and wellbeing is one of the elements in our global benefits program BeWell@Bayer.



Bayer gives me opportunities I have always been striving for. I feel included in its culture of employee recognition and embracing equality, irrespective of gender. I find it an excellent place to polish your talent and grow yourself with a mutual interest in mind.”
Fatima Tu Zahara
Assistant Manager Quality Insurance, Pakistan

Learning with and from each other

Mentoring starts on day one. From your first day, the person mentoring you is there for you to help you get your bearings and find your way around. Nothing enables you to learn more than discussing a topic or teaching others about it. That’s why our mentors also act as sparring and development partners. We support global mentoring, including peer-level and reverse mentoring. Mentoring transcends age groups, functions, locations, seniority, and management levels. Mentor or mentee, we learn together and from each other.

Karsten Hoyer-Mentoring
Mentoring enables me to gain new and different perspectives and also helps me to reflect on how I’m seen through someone else’s eyes.”
Karsten Hoyer
Senior vice president, global lead HR Transformation & Operation, Germany

Fuel your growth with open feedback

Comparing how you view yourself with how others perceive you can offer valuable insight into your hidden strengths and blind spots. We use various employee feedback and engagement tools for discussing and sharing feedback with colleagues and managers. Tools such as annual development dialogs, 360° Feedback, Two Questions, and Leadership Pulse, as well as established meeting routines like Check-in, are all geared towards inspiring growth and sparking ideas for personal and professional development.

Feedback is very engrained in the company culture and upward feedback is always welcome. These feedback sessions are very common, and I feel it has helped me reinforce my positive behaviors as well as steer areas for improvement in the right direction."
Intern at Business Consulting

Bring your whole self to work

Employee-driven inclusion and diversity initiatives are integral to our company culture

We encourage everyone at Bayer to get involved and work together to help improve the workplace experiences and outcomes of any group that faces systemic disadvantages in society. We sponsor Business Resource Groups. In these broad and diverse initiatives employees collaborate to raise awareness, address biases, grow as people, and support diversity, equality, and inclusion. By sharing your values and unique perspectives, you help us make the world a better place for everyone.

Learn anytime, anywhere

At Bayer, we take “live and learn” to the next level. We offer learning options for everyone. You can build experiences and skills by taking on digital challenges at Bayer. Joining self-paced e-learning courses gives you flexibility in creating a balanced schedule. Or you can enroll in training programs to expand your expertise or improve your leadership and management skills. At Bayer, we invest in your personal and professional growth.



Our Learning Experience Platform offers self-paced e-learning for all including LinkedIn Learning


Bayer Academy is our corporate university for training programs onsite and offsite



Special offers such as free membership opportunity in the “Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association”.



Learn at your own pace

Identify and develop skills you need today – or skill-up to prepare for the next step in your career. The Learning Experience Platform at Bayer lets you assess where you are in your learning journey, set goals, and shape your learning experience. Use our mobile app to create a personal playlist of videos, articles, books, and courses. Courses are offered by internal and highly popular external sources like LinkedIn Learning as well as a growing number of Bayer functional academies. Hit play and enjoy the flexibility of self-paced learning wherever you are.



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