Natural Resource Conservation

Using Less to Grow Enough

farm by body of water

Agriculture depends on the conservation of our most precious natural resources: water, land, and biodiversity. That’s why every investment in innovation also needs to be an investment in sustainability.


As a leader in agriculture, we have the opportunity and responsibility to address our most pressing challenges —like climate change, biodiversity loss, food security, and natural resource conservation. And believe, agriculture is part of the solution. Innovations like digital tools, biotechnology, plant breeding, and crop protection combined with sustainable agricultural practices help farmers use fewer natural resources.


Together, we’re finding better answers to even our best solutions for the benefit of farmers, consumers, and our planet.


Soil Health

Healthy soil equals a healthier ecosystem

Just like water, soil needs to be preserved. We’re investing in solutions that help farmers restore soil health while protecting the environment.


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Mainstreaming biodiversity

Biodiversity is an important asset to Bayer, which we aim to protect and preserve in the scope of all our activities


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