Shaping the Future of Sustainable Agriculture

We’re committed to a world in which biodiversity thrives in harmony with humankind. Where hunger and climate change are terms relegated to history books. Where farms are more sustainable, consisting of plants that are more adaptive and resilient, to help increase economic prosperity for all families and their communities. In short, where agriculture is part of the solution to many of the planet’s biggest challenges.


Agriculture has long had an innovative spirit. From the earliest farmers crossing different varieties of plants to make them heartier and better to cultivate, to today’s farmers who are pushing the boundaries of digital tools to farm smarter, change and progress have been a constant in agriculture.


For centuries, that progress was driven by the desire to provide people with health, nutrition, and even cultural identity through one of their most basic needs: food. Societies that could feed themselves better became societies that could grow and prosper in many other ways.


That need to feed every person still remains. Hundreds of millions of people around the world go to bed hungry; and still, we know the global population will rise to 10 billion people in a few decades. We must continue to make agriculture more productive to ensure that no one goes hungry.


But today, the innovative spirit in agriculture must focus on more than just production. We are currently stretching the boundaries of what our planet can handle in a number of key areas. We’re facing one of the largest agricultural paradoxes of our time. How do we feed a growing population without starving the planet?



Our journey now takes us down a path to find the solutions to that question; and we are committed to continuing to innovate, grow, and partner with others to shape the future of what is possible and to further our vision of health for all, hunger for none.


Bayer's commitments to sustainability go beyond agriculture. Learn more about our journey to become an impact generator, where profitability goes hand-in-hand with our efforts to ensure health for all, hunger for none.