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At Bayer, we are committed to advancing cancer care for patients through innovation and draw our inspiration from people all around the world navigating their personal cancer journeys. We strive to push the boundaries of possibility to redefine what it means to live with cancer.

Inspired By You shines a light on the people who inspire the people at Team Bayer to come to work every day and achieve more for patients living with cancer. Inspired By You captures Bayer’s promise to turn inspiration into action through ground breaking innovation to advance cancer care.

inspired By You - Team Bayer
Inspired By You - Introducing #TeamBayer Oncology

Christine's Story - Inspired By You

Christine Roth, Executive Vice President, Global Product Strategy and Commercialization, was 11 years old when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Christine's mother survived more than 45 years after an advanced breast cancer diagnosis that gave her a 5% chance to live five years. After her mum’s cancer experience, Christine made it her life's work to help others experience the good fortune that she and her family had of seeing her mother survive 45 years with breast cancer. 

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If I could send a message to my mom, it would simply be this. The warmth of your love, your courage, your tenacity, inspire me every single, waking day I'm on this earth.
Inspired By You - Christine’s Story
Inspired By You - Christine’s Story

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