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Advancing Sustainable Agriculture

At Bayer, we believe that future innovation will be judged not by its ability to produce more, but to produce better.

The need for a sustainable and secure global food system has never been clearer — or more urgent. From war and food shortages to global supply chain disruptions and the growing impact of climate change, we face a whole host of challenges.


At Bayer, sustainability is already a fundamental driving force behind our business. Climate change, the pandemic, food insecurity and many other global challenges call for new approaches, not business as usual. This means that we must move beyond the conventional separation between sustainability and strategy and ensure that sustainable practices are part and parcel of all that we do.

Advancing Sustainable Agriculture
Advancing Sustainable Agriculture

We need deep and lasting changes to our global food and agriculture systems. This can only be achieved with more innovation and stronger collaboration among key stakeholders, including the farmers themselves. Because only together can we drive the wider transformation that is needed to create a sustainable future in agriculture — for the benefit of people, nature, and planet.


We are committed to delivering the best possible outcomes for farmers and the food system while at the same time minimizing agriculture’s impact on the planet. We made three ambitious commitments as the first step of our journey toward a healthier future.


By 2030, Bayer has committed to:

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Turning today’s impossibilities into tomorrow’s breakthroughs will require collaboration with diverse partners including scientists, researchers, and farmers. And although we do not have all the answers, we seek open, transparent dialogue to help make agriculture more sustainable for the benefit of farmers, consumers, and the planet.