Responsible Lobbying

Code of Conduct for Responsible Lobbying

Bayer is actively, openly, and transparently contributing to the discourse on important social and political issues. Bayer engages in the public debate on many cross-industry topics, in multiple countries, and with a variety of stakeholders and organizations. With this Procedure we aim to substantiate the BASE Principles and to set a code of conduct to express the high standards and ethical behavior that drives Bayer in our relationship with external stakeholders and political decision-makers in particular. This Procedure establishes that the company's lobbyists are expected to convey Bayer's messages and positions to policymakers in a transparent, fair, integrity-focused, and fact-based manner. It shall not be construed to deviate from Bayer's compliance standards, e.g., the Corporate Policy No. 2041 "Anti-Corruption". Please follow the link on the right to read the full document.