Nourishing the World

We Support Human Health and Nutrition

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Bayer aspires to a future of Health for all, Hunger for none, in which the macro and micronutrient needs of individuals of all ages are met and malnutrition is a thing of the past. Although nutrition starts with getting enough calories, good nutrition ultimately requires people to consume varied food groups, ensuring a diverse diet. Bayer is uniquely positioned to help enable millions of people to have access to proper nutrition, from food to supplements.

Nutrition's foundation is in agriculture. Farmers face many challenges in their fields, from weeds to pests to ever changing weather patterns. It is essential they are equipped with the right tools to produce a variety of crops to ensure accessible, affordable, and nutritious foods in every community across the globe.
Kelly Bristow
Kelly Bristow, MS, RDN
Global Nutrition Affairs Lead, Crop Science

As a world leader in human health and sustainable agriculture, we are driven to deliver health for all and hunger for none. Our innovations enable farmers to produce nutritious foods for people and animals while at the same time sustaining the planet. Though we are just one part of a complex food chain, our solutions help the world’s farmers bring a range of healthy, affordable and safe foods from the field to the plate.

Offering seeds for more than 25 different crops, crop protection, digital tools and tailored solutions that enable farmers worldwide to plant, grow and protect their harvests, we aim to improve farmers' ability to produce higher yields with the same or less inputs, which helps ensure a consistent, nutritious and stable food supply for the world. Click through to learn more about Vegetables by Bayer and our Seeds & Traits offerings and other Tailored Solutions.

We also offer vitamin and mineral supplementation that can build a safety net for essential micronutrient needs across many life stages.  Check out Bayer’s Vitamins and Supplements offerings here.

More on our commitments to combating malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies can be found in our 2023 Sustainability Report

  • As One Bayer, we are able to make more nutritious food and nutritional supplements available and affordable. Through our Nutrient Gap Initiative, we expanded access to vitamins and minerals for 30 million people in underserved communities in 2023. We donated ~2,000 kilos of seeds across 10 vegetable crops and helped train community health workers to engage 150,000 community members.


  • Bayer proudly signed the Zero Hunger Pledge, joining like-minded companies from across the private sector and committing 160 million U.S. dollars to help end global hunger by 2030. Our commitment includes facilitating access to high quality seeds and farming solutions for smallholder farmers, educating communities on sustainable agricultural practices, and introducing them to new income-generating opportunities. Additionally, more than half of our investment supports R&D to support innovation directly aimed at developing new smallholder solutions.


  • We are increasing our efforts on nutrition education with global and local partners. We adapt our portfolio to be available and affordable in underserved communities. We integrate these efforts into our Better Life Farming Centers, as already started in India, Ivory Coast, Mexico, and Indonesia.


  • As communities continue to fight poverty, hunger, and malnutrition, we are actively expanding the reach and impact of Bayer’s global breeding resources and helping put high-performing seeds in the hands of farmers through partnerships built around knowledge-sharing, plant genetics and data contributions. Read more about some of our of the partnerships here: