The Nutrient Gap Initiative

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Guided by our mission of “Health for all, Hunger for none,” Bayer launched The Nutrient Gap Initiative to expand access to essential vitamins and minerals to 50 million people in underserved communities by 2030. This is a key step in improving access to nutrition and ensuring food security.

Hidden Hunger

One in three people in our world are surviving on diets lacking the essential vitamins and minerals needed to grow properly, live healthy lives and raise a healthy family.  

Often called “hidden hunger,” vitamin and mineral deficiencies are highly prevalent in underserved communities, with women and children being most vulnerable.  This type of malnutrition develops gradually over time, the impact not seen until irreversible damage is done.  Deprivation of essential vitamins and minerals may cause poor immunity, birth defects, reduced work capacity, learning disabilities, fragile health or failure to thrive - often exacerbating the cycle of poverty . This is why most micronutrients are part of the World Health Organization Essential Medicine List.

As a global leader in both agriculture and nutritional supplements, Bayer is uniquely positioned to help all people have access to proper nutrition and improve their livelihoods. Our goal is to impact 50 million people annually by 2030 by expanding access to diverse nutritious food (such as vegetables, fruits, grains) and nutritional supplements.

Navigating Nutrition | The Nutrient Gap Initiative

Initiative Focus Areas

Through intervention, education and advocacy, we can begin to close the nutrient gap, creating healthier communities for generations.

Many underserved communities lack access to vitamins and minerals because they cannot afford them or can’t find them nearby.  We are bringing nutritious food (such as produce and grains) and supplementation (i.e. essential vitamins and minerals from the World Health Organization essential medicines list) within physical and financial reach of those who need it most.

Many vulnerable populations lack knowledge about proper nutrition, the importance of vitamins and minerals, how integrate into diets and the value of supplementation when needed.  Through both direct education and work with healthcare providers and farmers, we will empower people with the information they need to take their health into their own hands.

One example is the animated video series, "A World of Flavors - Discover Diversity in Every Bite," designed to spark nutritious and delicious changes in daily diets, and encourage consumers around the globe to eat a rainbow of colorful fruits and vegetables every day.

Governments and policy makers can have large-scale impact when they prioritize access to affordable and nutritious food, health literacy and make essential supplementation a standard of care. We are joining forces with partners to enable an ecosystem to advocate for access to good nutrition.  

How We’re Making a Difference