Tailored Solutions

Better Answers for Farmers and the Environment

Two men standing in a wheat field.
There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to farmers.

With every new season,  farmers face unique circumstances based on their fields, crops and environmental pressures, all of which need careful consideration and an integrated set of solutions to be successful.


So as we at Bayer design tomorrow’s agricultural innovations, we know each one  we bring to market must be tailored to meet the needs of individual farmers and their fields. When we seek to understand these individual needs, we become capable of finding ways to better support  our customers.


Through the digitalization of our pipeline, supply chain and daily interactions with farmers, we know more than ever about our customers and their fields, and how our products are used and how they perform. By digitally connecting farmers with these insights, we can provide the solutions that best support the decisions they make every day, from planting to harvest. 

Data that helps find better answers

Climate FieldView™ is a software platform that enables farmers to have a complete picture of their operation. Using more than 250 layers of data and billions of data points, farmers are able to monitor field variability, design their fields, optimize inputs and stop problems before they start. These digital tools help farmers make smart seed and seeding decisions by guiding them on how to use nitrogen and crop protection tools, like herbicides, more efficiently, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pesticide runoff into water. These tools can also alert farmers about real-time in-field conditions, helping them make informed decisions about the timing, type and amount of inputs that might be required at any given moment.. By using data to understand their fields, and to better manage their crops and yields, farmers can grow enough while using less land, energy and water.


Products that reduce our impact

Farmers understand the importance of stewarding their land and preserving the environment, generally seeking out practices and products that help them reduce their impact and improve environmental sustainability. For example, since 2013, farmers in South America have planted millions of hectares of Intacta™ soybean seeds, which require fewer pesticides, allowing them to adopt more sustainable practices. The result? Keeping 6.8 billion kilograms of carbon – the equivalent of 3.3. million cars – in the ground where it belongs. With the benefit of enhanced weed and pest control, farmers have reduced their carbon emissions by spending less time in the tractor applying crop protection products. And even more good news? These reduced- and no-till practices still allow them to maintain their yields.


An even more precise application

Tomato farmers in Mexico have discovered a way to cultivate harvests while using fewer natural resources. In collaboration with Netafim, we’ve developed the DripByDrip irrigation system, which applies crop protection products in the right quantities at the right time through drip irrigation. This system means better tomato harvests, using fewer inputs.

Progress for the next generation

Innovations in agriculture help farmers grow better and protect our planet. Modern technologies have increased farmer productivity exponentially and, perhaps most importantly, have helped reduce the impact of agriculture on the environment. Progress can only be truly achieved when we use our collective ingenuity to look for answers. Together, we will share our experience in breeding, biotechnology, chemistry, biologicals, and data science to unlock new potential, and provide more tailored solutions for customers worldwide – helping to create smarter, better and more sustainable farming systems for future generations.