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At Bayer’s Consumer Health division, our vision is to make self-care for a better life a reality for billions of people around the world through everyday healthcare. Through our broad geographic footprint and portfolio of leading and trusted brands, people can get well, be well and stay well by taking charge of their everyday health, and the health of those they love. We touch billions of lives, helping provide them with safe, convenient and effective daily health solutions to treat minor illness and improve their lives.


We Help Improve Your Daily Health

Self-care has never been more important in helping people achieve better health and enabling healthcare systems worldwide to become more sustainable. By providing access to informative tools, resources and knowledge on how to improve people's daily health – from choosing healthy lifestyles and using consumer products effectively to proper information and self-care learning tools to support appropriate self-diagnosis and self-treatment – we are making a positive impact on the lives of individuals and society as a whole.





Self-care Is Gaining Importance for Millions of People


consumer brands worldwide operating in more than 120 countries

consumer brands worldwide operating in more than 120 countries

With over 150 brands from global icons to local stars in our diverse and innovative portfolio, people can manage their health needs across many different areas, including dermatology, nutritional supplements, analgesics, cardiovascular risk prevention, digestive health, cold and allergy care.


In today’s world of rapidly evolving healthcare opportunities, innovation is key to how we combine the strength of our medical expertise with consumer insights to develop products which help people care for their health needs. From our strong heritage established over 120 years ago with the creation of AspirinTM to more recent products like CanestenTM, an innovative self-test to identify vaginal infections, we are committed to bringing bigger, better and faster solutions to market.