Our Consumer Health Commitments

Creative and Responsible Marketing

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We’re committed to making real, lasting change toward equity and inclusion by widening representation and combating stereotypes on our global messaging platforms.

Marketing has tremendous power to shift the way the world understands and talks about health. As a leader in this space, we’re committed to using creativity to inspire people around the world to take control of their everyday health. Because when they do, the world becomes a little better for everyone.

To further express our commitment to the issue of representation in advertising, we partnered with UN Women to combat stereotypes by broadening representation in the advertising and media we create. As a member of The Unstereotype Alliance, we are proud to stand on the side of inclusion. 

The Unstereotype Alliance is an industry-led initiative that unites industry leaders, decision-makers and creatives to end harmful stereotypes in advertising. By actively addressing and dismantling stereotypical representation, we can truly make a difference and shape a future of equality.

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