Women's Healthcare


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Due to modern hormonal contraceptives, couples today can better plan their families and experience sexuality with the security in knowing that pregnancy is prevented.

Being able to take a conscious decision on whether and when to have children has decisively strengthened women’s role in society. Modern hormonal contraceptives are highly reliable in terms of protection against unplanned pregnancy. They are also reversible, i.e. a woman can become pregnant once she stops taking her contraceptive. 


Different methods – individual prescription

Hormonal contraceptives contain hormones whose effect is similar to the sex steroids estrogen and progesterone produced by a woman’s body. There are various forms of hormonal contraceptives available. They include oral contraceptives ("the pill”), intrauterine systems (IUS), the patch, the vaginal ring, implants and injectables.


All forms of hormonal contraceptives have to be individually prescribed – usually by a gynecologist. When choosing a method, important criteria such as a woman's age, her medical history and condition, her current situation in life, her personal preferences, as well as her expectations of the contraceptive method should be considered.


An overview and further details on all contraceptive methods is also available on Your Life.


Bayer offers a variety of contraceptive methods. It is important for doctors and patients to discuss all available options to ensure the patient receives the one best suited for her.

Advice for patients

Each body reacts differently to medicines. Therefore it is impossible to tell which medicine works best for you. Please consult your physician.