Crop Science

Produce More. Restore Nature. Scale Regenerative Agriculture.

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“Producing more while restoring more”

Regenerative agriculture forms our vision for the future of farming, based on our Crop Science Vision: Produce 50% more. Restore Nature. Scale Regenerative Agriculture.

The world is hungry – not only for food, fiber and fuel, but for innovative solutions that restore natural resources, like soil and water, and help address climate change.

The world’s farmers need to grow 50% more by 2050 to feed, clothe and fuel the growing world. At Bayer, we believe feeding the world and restoring the planet can – and should – go hand in hand.

Increasing crop production and reversing global warming were once considered incompatible, but we now have solutions to do both. It’s time to make them available to more farms around the world.

That’s why at Bayer, we’re innovating together with a growing number of farmers and partners to advance regenerative agriculture as the way of the future – a future where farming produces more and restores more at the same time.

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