Internal Opportunity and Risk Management System

As a global enterprise with a diversified portfolio, the Bayer Group is constantly exposed to a wide range of internal or external developments and events that could significantly impact the achievement of our financial and nonfinancial objectives.


Rooted in our strategy and planning processes, opportunity and risk management is an integral part of corporate management at Bayer. We regard opportunities as positive deviations, and risks as negative deviations, from projected or target values for potential future developments.


Structure of Opportunity and Risk Management

The opportunities and risks the Bayer Group encounters vary in terms of their nature, the organizational level concerned and the time horizon. Different processes, methods and IT systems are therefore employed to identify, evaluate, manage and monitor risks and report on them. The principles underlying the various systems are documented in Group policies. While there are still named owners and coordinators at the management level, overall responsibility for the effectiveness and appropriateness of the systems lies with the Chief Financial Officer.

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