Shaping Agriculture Through Innovation

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Farmers need innovation. Not only to grow enough, but to grow better for our planet and its people. At Bayer, we have leading research capabilities in biology, biotechnology, crop protection, and data science, that allow us to deliver tailored solutions to farmers faster than ever before. We’re collaborating with external partners, both large and small, so we can create true value for farmers, consumers, and our planet


There has never been a more important time for innovation in agriculture

Agricultural innovation means better solutions and greater choice for
farmers and consumers around the world. Through our tailored solutions, like seeds and traits, crop protection, and digital tools, we’re offering farmers better answers to meet the specific needs of their farms, all while preserving the environment. Bringing together our expertise, we’re using our unique position as an agricultural leader to deliver innovation that helps farmers grow more sustainably and responsibly.


Every crop, field, and farmer is different. Each has their own needs, challenges, and goals. In our effort to truly benefits farmers, consumers, and the planet, we believe it is our responsibility to ensure that our innovations are accessible to people all over the world.


At Bayer, we aim to empower farmers, helping them to achieve their best harvest each growing season and to foster sustainable, reliable growth for their businesses and communities. As we work to ensure bountiful harvests today, we’re committed to leaving the planet in better shape for tomorrow.