Food Security

DKsilos is the Crop of the Cream

Smallholders in Latin America

Bayer isn’t in the cattle business. At least, we weren’t. That was before we started asking big questions about small farms. Questions like: What do small dairy farms in Latin America need to thrive? What are their pain points? And, how is global warming changing their business?

Maize seedlings
Harvesting maize for silage.
Farmers in field
Corn Silage Keeps Cows Happy

Why dairy?

For low-income farming families in Central America and Southeast Mexico, raising cattle and selling dairy can help keep food on the table. The livestock economy also bolsters regional food security, bringing nutrition to the most vulnerable, especially women, children and the elderly.


But it’s hard to raise dairy cows in the local climate. Every year, the dry season slows milk production. And climate change is making it worse.