Our Mission & Strategy

Busting Bureaucracy Igniting Innovation

Imagine a workplace where 95% of decisions are made by those on the ground, where managers become coaches, and innovation cycles are as quick as 90 days. We're redesigning our entire operating model to put our mission - Health for all, Hunger for none - at the forefront of everything we do. 

Can the company that invented AspirinTM reinvent itself?  

In 2023, we started redesigning Bayer around our mission: Health for all, Hunger for none. That began with an overhaul of our operating model: to deliver faster innovation and a better experience for the farmers, patients and consumers who depend on #TeamBayer. 

We’re putting an end to the hierarchical model and putting more power in the hands of the innovators and creators at Bayer. We call it Dynamic Shared Ownership. Here are some ways we’re bringing it to life:



Building Teams Around the Customer, Not the Boss 

Customer Focus Animation

Traditionally, teams in large organizations are focused on things like annual budget requests. We’re redesigning our teams around what customers need today and tomorrow. By the end of 2024, our Crop Science division will have 450 customer teams up and running. Early reports indicate a 20-minute increase in time spent with customers per day.



Bigger Innovation, Shorter Timelines

Speeding up innovation animation

Team Bayer is full of ideas on how to help farmers, patients, and consumers. We want to turn these ideas into solutions, faster. Our Consumer Health division advanced the launch of a new supplement for couples wishing to conceive by more than one year.



Picking up the Pace of Progress

Animation picking up the pace of progress

Instead of long planning cycles, our new model is built on rapid 90-day cycles, with a bias for action. Our Pharmaceuticals division advanced its pipeline with eight Investigational New Drug (IND) applications in 2023. We see the potential to accelerate our biggest projects by working in three-month rhythms, assessing progress and reallocating resources along the way.


A Better Bayer is on the Horizon

On a background of colored gradients, text reads "The scale of multinational, the speed of a start-up"


Our teams are adapting quickly to the new working model. By the end of 2024, our new system will touch every corner of #TeamBayer. Through this change, we’re aiming for a more productive and fulfilled workforce; world-leading, faster-to-market innovations; and superior financial performance.