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The Future of Cancer Care

Future of Cancer Care

Cancer care has advanced at an impressive pace and improved the lives of millions. Now, emerging technologies promise ever-more-powerful capabilities in how we prevent, diagnose and treat cancer. Might we one day defeat this disease entirely?


Listen as our guests Dr. Aleksandra Rizo, President and CEO of Vividion Therapeutics, and Prof. Dr. Dominik Rüttinger, Head of Research & Early Development Oncology at Bayer, explore the most promising breakthroughs and discuss the challenges they face and what keeps them going.


Aleksandra Rizo, M.D., Ph.D. is President and CEO of Vividion Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company that uses novel technologies to develop precision therapeutics for devastating cancers and immune disorders. She has held multiple senior executive roles during her career at both biotechnology and large pharmaceutical companies such as Geron, Celgene and Janssen.

Aleksandra has completed a residency in internal medicine / hematology and holds Ph.D. degrees from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands and the University of Tokyo in Japan.

Aleksandra Rizo
“The recent years have seen a lot of advancements. Targeted immunotherapies are the new wave of cancer medicine. These immunotherapies harness the power of your own immune system to attack the cancer cells.”
Aleksandra Rizo
M.D., Ph.D

Prof. Dr. Dominik Rüttinger is Head of Research and Early Development for Oncology at Bayer. He has over a decade of wide-ranging pharmaceutical industry experience. He joined Bayer from Roche where he headed Early Clinical and Biomarker Development in Pharma Research and Early Development (pRED). Before he joined Roche in 2011, Dominik Rüttinger was at Micromet Inc. (now Amgen Inc.) where he led all solid tumor development programs and supported the development of Blinatumumab (Blincyto™), eventually resulting in the approval of this first CD19-directed T-cell bispecific in 2014.


Dominik has spent 12 years in academia in Germany and the US, is board certified in surgical oncology and holds a Ph.D. degree in tumor oncology from the University of Munich, where he still teaches and holds a faculty position.

“What is still to be done to better help cancer patients? The best way to help them would be to prevent that they even get cancer in the first place. That's where I see a true unmet need.”
Prof. Dr. Dominik Ruettinger
Head of Research and Early Development for Oncology

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