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The Future of Work and Cultural Transformation

Headlines of the Future podcast episode 9 titled “The Future of Work and Cultural Transformation”

In this episode, our host, Piyal Bhoora, sits down with Sarena Lin, member of the Board of Management of Bayer Ag, and Krys Burnette, Culture Transformation Leader and TEDx speaker, to discuss the changes and challenges in the workplace as we move into the future.


Our guests share their insights and experiences on how organizations can navigate the changing landscape of work and foster a culture of innovation and inclusion in the workplace. They also talk about the importance of empathy and connection in a digital world, and how to prepare for the changing nature of work in the years to come.


Krys Burnette is a dedicated organizational development and culture transformation driver. She’s been at the forefront of crafting future-proof, digital first organizations for over a decade. Krys has led global brands to embrace new ways of working, organizing teams, and leading human-centered design solutions for employees and customers. She supports leaders and teams to holistically rethink their work culture, policy, org structure and business model to be best organized to achieve their strategic vision. Krys most frequently works with leadership teams in Innovation, Digital/eCommerce, Design, Brand and Marketing, Web3 and HR/People functions.

Krys Burnette
“I think what we noticed is this shift in employee's relationship to work. If you're navigating this shift and you're recognizing that the traditional workplace and the traditional way of working from the past is no longer something that you want to ascribe to, I think folks are sort of realizing that they can opt out.”
Krys Burnette

Sarena Lin is a member of Board of Management of Bayer and Chief Transformation and Talent Officer. This role means she is responsible for Human Resources, Strategy and Business Consulting. Specifically, she sees her role first and foremost to support all our businesses by looking holistically at what it takes to successfully transform. At the same time, Sarena leads the HR function and is passionate about developing and mentoring rising talents, and creating an inclusive environment where everyone brings their whole self to work and thrives.


Lin was born on January 9, 1971 in Taipei, Taiwan. She studied Computer Science at Harvard University in Boston Massachusetts, and graduated with a bachelor's degree. She then earned an MBA in Strategy and a Master's degree in International Relations from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.

Sarena Lin
“The pandemic has not only changed the definition of the workplace, but it has also fundamentally altered the meaning of work itself. It has shifted people’s priorities in terms of the values they hold dear in their life, and how they prioritize work in relation to them.”
Sarena Lin

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