Headlines of the Future: Understanding the New Health Awareness


Undoubtfully, the COVID-19 pandemic raised our collective awareness of the importance of maintaining everyday health. Also, it accelerated digitalization in many areas – including healthcare – and gave us a foretaste of how digital tools will shape our future. 


In this episode of “Headlines of the Future”, we discuss how the future of healthcare will look like – with people using new digital tools like sensors, apps supported by artificial intelligence, and virtual communications to make smarter decisions about their own health and shaping a new path for well-being. As these tools rapidly develop and increase in usage, how will they change healthcare and people’s behavior? What does it mean to take more ownership of your own health? 


We talked to Daniel Nathrath, co-founder and CEO of Ada, a digital application to help users manage their own health and well-being, and Dr. Karen Hackney, Head of External Innovation and Partners at the  Consumer Health division of Bayer, about how our new health awareness and megatrends like digitalization will shape the future of healthcare. 

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Our ambition is really to connect the dots and make sense of the data to create something like an early warning system for your health.
Daniel Nathrath
Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer of Ada

Daniel Nathrath, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer of Ada, a company built by doctors and scientists and powered by a 10 million-strong userbase, that provides medical AI to simplifies healthcare journeys and helps people take care of themselves. For 2 decades, Daniel has led the charge to bring transformational technology to new industries. He founded and led several internet startups based in Denmark, Germany, the US, and the UK. After studying law as a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Houston, he earned his Master of Business Administration at the University of Chicago. Daniel worked at Boston Consulting Group before starting his entrepreneurial journey.

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We have this incredible convergence of fulfilling a massive consumer need in ways that were probably unimaginable just a few years ago.
Karen Hackney
Head of External Innovation & Partnering, part of R&D

Karen Hackney, Head of External Innovation & Partnering, part of R&D in the consumer health division of Bayer. Karen’s team is responsible for delivering growth through partnerships that help meet unmet needs for consumers. This includes partnerships from investments, licenses, and joint developments to early-stage research collaborations. Learn more about Bayer’s #PartnerWithUs initiative


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