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The Future of Heart Health


What scientific breakthroughs will revolutionize cardiovascular healthcare in the next thirty years? Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death worldwide, and aging populations ensure that heart health will remain a top priority for medical professionals in years to come. Each individual’s risk of heart disease is unique, impacted not just by age but gender, lifestyle and potentially even extreme weather events caused by climate change.

But innovations in medicine, including pharmaceutical solutions, genetic therapies and AI-empowered processes, are helping us fight back against heart disease, while information-sharing and healthy living campaigns are empowering people worldwide to take control of their health.


In the sixth episode of Headlines of the Future podcast, we discuss how digital health technologies can help us understand, prevent and treat cardiovascular disease. Dr. Carolyn Lam, a senior cardiology consultant and director of women’s heart health at the National Heart Centre Singapore, and Dr. Richard Nkulikiyinka, a vice president at Bayer and head of clinical development and operations for the therapeutic areas of cardiology, nephrology and pulmonology, join us to answer our questions about how each of us can reduce our own risk of cardiovascular disease and what wider trends in heart health mean for our world.

Professor Carolyn Lam is a Senior Consultant from the Department of Cardiology and Director of Women's Heart Health at the National Heart Centre Singapore, having pioneered the first Women’s Heart Clinic in Singapore.  Academically, she serves as a tenured Full Professor at the Duke-National University of Singapore, having also graduated from the Stanford Executive Programme in 2015, and obtained a PhD at the University Medical Centre Groningen, the Netherlands in 2016. In the field of MedTech, Prof Lam is co-founder of Us2.ai, an award-wining startup dedicated to the automation of the fight against heart disease by applying artificial intelligence to echocardiography (ultrasound of the heart).  

“If we can do that for cardiac imaging and for other things, we should put heart health into the hands of everyone. It should not be locked up in the ivory towers of cardiologists, although we would love to offer our expertise to manage it. But for detection and so on, tools need to be available to everybody.”

Richard Nkulikiyinka, MD is VP, Head of Clinical Development & Operations Therapeutic Area Cardiology, Nephrology & Pulmonology at Bayer. He has over a decade of wide-ranging pharmaceutical industry experience in Clinical Development, Pharmacovigilance and Medical Affairs across several therapeutic areas and across all phases of development. As an internal medicine specialist and epidemiologist, he looks back on diversified clinical practice experience with a focus on acute medicine, including Accident & Emergency, Cardiology and Intensive Care.

“If we can automate and speed up and simplify a lot of these processes, everyone benefits because it will make the trials much faster. We will be able to get to the right answers much earlier. We will get the therapies to market much earlier and at the cheaper or lower price tag.”

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