Science for Better

Better Is Nourished Mothers and Healthy Babies

Pregnancy is a special time in life. What unites all moms-to-be is the desire to provide their babies with the very best they can, starting with good health. Prenatal vitamins and minerals play an important role in helping to ensure both a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Globally, an estimated 149 million children under the age of five are developmentally impacted as a result of vitamin and mineral deficiencies in their first 1,000 days (conception through age 2)*. With the help of science and innovation, we are empowering mothers and babies all over the world get the vitamins and minerals they need to have a healthier and happier start to life together. Prenatal vitamins and minerals are scientifically proven to improve birth outcomes, including to help prevent birth defects, developmental delays or stunted growth. These crucial prenatal supplements are what helps to keep mothers strong and their babies healthy all over the world. It is just one of our many missions to help create a world where health is for all, and hunger is for none. 
Through science, we’re making lives better for babies across the world: For women like Emilia, Monica and Lin, it means being able to get the nutrition they need to have happy, healthy babies.  
We call this journey Science for Better. Learn more about our other missions below.


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