Science for Better

Better Is Growing More Food with Fewer Resources

The world population is continually growing*, and agriculture faces the challenge of growing enough food while using fewer natural resources. With this growth in population, coupled with the effects of climate change and extreme weather around the globe, maintaining the status quo in agriculture and the food value chain is not enough. Farmers are looking for innovative solutions to make the most of their land and use fewer natural resources while growing their crops in a safe and sustainable way.

Over the years, the way farmers have collected data has evolved from notebooks and spreadsheets to digital tools and satellites. Now, through the power of science, our cutting-edge data collection technology is helping evolve it once again, not just aiding farmers in surveying their land, but by identifying unprecedented opportunities for greater, more profitable, and more sustainable harvests. With Climate FieldView™, smart drones, and soil sensors, our digital tools inform farmers’ choices of the amount, type, speed, and depth of seeds planted, as well as measuring weather and fertiliser spray schedules. Overall, this contributes to the use of less fuel, fertilizer, water, and pesticide, making farming more energy-efficient and planet friendly. Today, farmers can help fight climate change and increase global food security in the future. It is just one of our many missions to help create a world with health for all and hunger is for none. 

Through science, we are working on making every day better: For farmers like Kurt, it means using less land, water, and energy to grow crops. 

We call this journey Science for Better. Learn more about our other missions below.

*Growth reference:

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