Health for All, Hunger for None

Better Is Treating Hearts

There are over 500 million* people suffering with heart conditions around the world. These conditions can be life limiting, impacting people differently, reducing the time spent with loved ones and limiting participation in various activities. Modern heart medicines have the potential to give people a better quality of life, and the confidence to live it to the full. 

Our cutting-edge heart treatments support a healthy heart by improving cardiovascular health and reducing the risk of heart-related complications. Over the years, we have been developing and providing new treatment options for patients suffering from various heart and blood conditions from hypertension to thrombosis to heart failure.

Our solutions enable health care professionals to offer patients personalized therapy plans enabling people to live healthier lives and thereby giving people the ability to spend more time with their loved ones and the confidence to do the things they enjoy together. 

It’s just one of our many missions to help create a world where health is for all, and hunger is for none. Through science, we are making days better for people across the world: For grandmothers like Melissa, it means being able to enjoy cooking time together with her grandkids and pass on her much-loved cake recipes.

This is one of the ways how we work towards our mission: Health for all, Hunger for none. Learn more below.

*500 million with heart conditions 

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