Skin Care

Introducing You to Your Skin

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As your body’s largest organ, your skin does some of your body’s most important work. It protects all of the other parts of your body from harm, and it facilitates the sensation of touch, which is as essential to your life experience as it is to your safety.


Your skin is also much more than just a body part—it’s an essential part of what makes you you.

See how skin care is essential to a healthy life

Skin Care Is Health Care

You probably already think a lot about your skin—particularly how it looks. But your skin has far more importance to your overall health than meets the eye, and issues like dry skin can tell you a lot about what’s going on below the surface.1


Dry skin can be caused by external environmental factors such as weather conditions or harsh soaps and detergents, as well as internal factors like consuming alcohol, caffeine, or not getting enough of certain nutrients.2


If dry skin is left untreated, it can lead to complications like infection, permanently itchy skin, or even allergies.

This is why it’s essential to treat dry skin from the inside out. At Bayer, we’re committed to skin care solutions that are more than cosmetic, and don’t just leave your skin looking moisturized, but rather address the root causes of dry skin. Products containing panthenol provitamin B5 like Bepanthen penetrate your skin’s top layers and work with your body’s natural restorative processes to support your skin’s health. 

Using products that support healthy skin from the inside out allows your skin to do what it does best: keep you healthy from the outside in. 

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