Science For Better

Better Is Taking Health into Your Own Hands

Now Is the Time to Invest in Self-Care

There’s no denying that health has been a major topic of conversation across the world for last two years. Our efforts are focused on helping everyone lead a healthy lifestyle and take the right actions to manage and treat their own health every day.

We are lucky enough to live in a world where many illnesses are now treatable. However, for too long, we have thought about healthcare as something that only happens in a doctor’s office or a hospital. But taking care of your own personal health starts long before that.   


At Bayer, we are working towards a better world for everyone, guided by our mission: ‘Health for All, Hunger for None’. To make this a reality, one of our many missions is to give everyone access to personal healthcare allowing them to treat everyday ailments. From Alka-Seltzer for treating digestive issues, and Claritin for enjoying a life free of chronic allergies, to Aspirin for pain relief, we are helping people like Maria take health into their own hands and do the things they love, like skateboarding once again. Through science, we are making their days better.  

We call this journey Science for Better. Learn more about our other missions below. 

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