Science For Better

Better Is Smart Crops Helping Farmers Weather Climate Change

Short Corn is Smart Corn

Could we create a more sustainable, healthy and resilient food system while helping farmers create better harvests using less land, water and energy? We believe we can.

Climate change is a significant concern for farmers, as it impacts the crops they grow, and ultimately our food security. An unpredictable climate with prolonged droughts, heat waves, and historic flooding endanger harvests around the world. Intense windstorms, for example, can damage crops like corn – the second most widely-grown crop in the world – causing it to break. As the climate changes and extreme weather intensifies, the stakes for global food security become even higher. 

At Bayer, we are working towards a better world for everyone, guided by our vision of ‘Health for All, Hunger for None’. One of our many missions to bring this vision to life is to support farmers with crop improvements that are more resilient against the threats of climate change, helping them to secure harvests and allowing them to better feed a growing world population in a sustainable way. Innovations like our short stature corn hybrids, which will be part of a Smart Corn System, become key enablers as they grow 30-40% shorter than conventional corn making the crop more stable, which means it is less likely to break or fall over in strong winds. This increases the chance of a better harvest and gives farmers the confidence to weather the storms ahead. Through science, we are working on making every day better. 

We call this journey Science for Better. Learn more about our other missions below.

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