Precision Oncology

Introducing You to Your DNA


There are countless things that make you who you are—and your unique genetic code contains the blueprints for a lot of them. In fact, your DNA tells every individual cell in your body where to go and what to do to support many aspects of your life. So when we understand the detailed genetic information in your cell, we can uncover new ways to help you take charge of your health.

Discover why Knowing your DNA is a Blueprint for Better Healthcare

Finding a Genetic Solution to Fight Cancer

Alongside your nutrition, environment and other factors, your DNA determines the growth, development and function of every cell in your body. While each one has its own specific job to do, all of your cells work together to keep your body healthy. To do so, these trillions of cells replace themselves countless times every day and throughout your life. But sometimes, mutations can occur that affect this process. These small changes in your DNA can sometimes have serious consequences on your health, including leading to cancer.

~37.2 trillion

individual cells make you who you are, from forming your physical body to performing the vital functions that keep you going.

The more we learn about the changes that happen in your cells, the more effectively we can target cancer where—and maybe even before—it emerges. This is the basis of precision oncology, which uses advanced genomic testing to identify the specific DNA mutations that can cause cancerous tumors. By understanding these cellular changes that result in cancer, we’re better able to select specific therapies that would be most effective. That means better, more precise care that is as unique as you are.

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