Production processes are evaluated inclusive of precursors and energy

Bayer Climate Check documents climatic effect and reveals potential savings

Bayer Technology Services has developed 2007 a new control instrument for energy-efficient and climate-friendly production: the Bayer Climate Check. Thanks to the Bayer Climate Check, the assessment is now no longer limited to the production plant itself, but includes all the raw materials and energies needed for production together with the logistics up to the factory gate.

The climate-relevant assessment is conducted on the basis of the energy efficiency analysis using a new key performance indicator, the so-called “climate footprint”, which results in prioritized packages of measures. The climate footprint can be used as an ecological decision-making tool for capital investment and technology projects to complement the established profitability analyses.

Mithilfe des Bayer Climate Check wird die bewährte ökologische Bewertung von bedeutenden Neuinvestitionen um Klimaschutz-Gesichtspunkte erweitert.

With the aid of the Climate Check, Bayer will expand the established procedure of assessing new investments on ecological grounds to include aspects of environmental protection.

By the end of 2010, around 140 production facilities and buildings, responsible for ca. 85 % of Bayer’s greenhouse gas emissions, have been put under the microscope.

A CO2 savings potential of roughly 10 percent has so far been identified with the aid of the Bayer Climate Check. The Group aims to maximize this potential by 2013 through further measures to increase energy efficiency. Emission reduction measures include simple optimization and retrofitting of mechanical parts like pump systems up to complex optimization of heat flux and process intensification. Further measures are aligned supply chain modifications, optimization of work processes or the simple visualization of carbon emissions.

The methodology of the Bayer Climate Check is based on internationally recognized standards. The transparency and objectivity of the procedure have been certified by TÜV Süd, one of the world’s leading certification organizations in environmental protection.

External companies are already using this innovative technology provided by Bayer Technology Services.

The Bayer Climate Check served as a preliminary stage for the Managing Energy Efficiency lighthouse project.

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