Internal Control and Risk Management System

Bayer has an internal control and risk management system in place under which appropriate structures and processes for (Group) accounting and financial reporting are defined and implemented throughout the organization. This system is designed to guarantee timely, uniform and accurate accounting for all business processes and transactions.

It ensures compliance with statutory regulations, accounting and financial reporting standards and the internal accounting directive, which is binding upon all the companies included in the consolidated financial statements. The relevance and consequences for the consolidated financial statements of any amendments to laws, accounting or financial reporting standards or other pronouncements are continually analyzed, and the Group directives and systems are updated accordingly.

Apart from defined control mechanisms such as system-based and manual reconciliation processes, the fundamental principles of the internal control system include the separation of functions and compliance with directives and operating procedures. The accounting and financial reporting process for the Bayer Group is managed by the Group Accounting and Controlling department of Bayer AG.

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