New solutions for construction

Sustainable environmental protection through intelligent construction

Adapting a building to the climate is better than adapting the climate to a building. This would be an apt slogan for Bayer MaterialScience’s EcoCommercial Building Program. It reflects the principle of bringing together the best materials, systems and technologies in order to construct energy-efficient office buildings and business premises to suit the climatic conditions at the site in question.

Bayer CropScience´s Emissions-neutral day care center in Monheim, Germany

The global EcoCommercial Building program of Bayer MaterialScience is part of the Bayer sustainability program. It offers decision-makers in the construction industry a unique portfolio of services and material solutions for energy-efficient and cost-effective building. As part of this program, Bayer MaterialScience is working with a network of members from various disciplines to support professionals such as architects, project managers, construction managers, developers and managers of larger companies in the creation of public and commercial buildings that far outstrip previous sustainability standards. The services on offer range from energy efficiency assessments during the planning phase and the use of environmentally friendly materials to the employment of renewable energies.

Low energy and eco-friendly: The ECB in Greater Noida, India

In January 2011 Bayer has opened its first emissions-neutral office building in Asia. Bayer MaterialScience’s new building in Greater Noida, near New Delhi, India, which draws 100 percent of its electricity from a photovoltaic plant, needs some 50 percent less power than comparable buildings in the region. The EcoCommercial Building in India, which Bayer built in conjunction with local companies, shows that the concept is also applicable in sub-tropical climates. While in the temperate European climate zone building insulation is primarily used to protect against cold, its foremost purpose in countries such as India is to protect against heat. Foams based on high-quality materials from Bayer MaterialScience perform both tasks with exceptional efficiency. The new office building is located in the industrial region of Greater Noida, some 40 kilometers to the south-east of the Indian capital New Delhi. It is approximately 1,000 square meters in size and can accommodate around 40 workstations. It also serves as a model for customers of a sustainable, climate-friendly building solution.

Emissions-neutral child care center in Monheim, Germany

Bayer’s first example of an EcoCommercial Building was inaugurated at the beginning of November 2009. The Bayer CropScience child care center in Monheim has been built to meet its own energy needs without generating CO2 emissions. The project was one of ten to be awarded the "Energy-optimized Building 2009" prize by the German Federal Ministry of Economics. With this facility, Bayer is supporting the need of its employees to balance their work and home life more effectively. The daycare center is open to the children of parents who work at Bayer’s site in Monheim, Germany. Some 60 boys and girls from six months up to school starting age attend the center. The children, mainly under the age of three, are supervised in a stimulating and child-friendly environment.

Energy-optimized office building in Diegem, Belgium

In May 2009 Bayer has opened a new administration building in Diegem, Belgium which has been built to a design with optimal energy efficiency in mind. Through its energy-optimized construction, the building uses only half as much energy as a normal office building – a successful concept that was awarded the "Belgian Prize of Architecture and Energy" in October 2009.


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