Education and Research

We promote the most valuable resource: knowledge

As a research-based company, we depend heavily on recruiting well trained scientists and on society’s acceptance of technology. As education is a vital factor in achieving sustainable prosperity, furthermore, Bayer places tremendous emphasis on supporting education and research within its social environment. Here we focus mainly on the fields of science, technology and medicine, as well as environmental protection.

Funding programs

Fundamental and industrial research represents an investment in future development and value creation. The Bayer Science & Education Foundation therefore honors outstanding research achievements with scientific awards. The funding programs cover the entire scientific training and career path of young people. In 2012 the foundation approved sponsorship money totaling some €1.6 million for school students and school projects, trainees, university students, young scientists and leading researchers. Through our scholarship programs, we pledged some €240,000 to 56 recipients for the implementation of projects abroad.

We teach scientific education and knowledge through hands-on experiments in our Bayer laboratories for school students (BayLabs). In addition, the Making Science Make Sense (MSMS)  educational initiative, which was founded in the United States, was once again implemented in 14 countries on four continents around the world in 2012.

Competition "Jugend forscht"

In 2013, the national competition will also be held at Bayer at the BayKomm Communication Center in Leverkusen. Zoom image
In 2013, the national competition will also be held at Bayer at the BayKomm Communication Center in Leverkusen.

“Jugend forscht” (the website is in German) is Germany’s best-known youth competition in the natural sciences, mathematics and engineering. The aim of the joint project sponsored by the German Federal Government, stern magazine, businesses and schools is to pique interest in these fields, foster particularly talented youths and support them in their academic and career choices.

Bayer has been a corporate sponsor of “Jugend forscht” since 1966. As an inventor company, Bayer aims to support talented youths in the natural sciences and engineering, and each year hosts the state competition for participants from North-Rhine Westphalia (NRW). In 2013, the national competition took place at Bayer at the BayKomm Communication Center in Leverkusen. The company’s involvement in the competition is now something of a tradition and also an important investment in the future – including for Bayer.

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