For the Future of Agriculture


Sustainability is an integral part of our product solutions to farmers to support Sustainable Agriculture. We translate Sustainable Agriculture as our commitment to increasing farmers’ profitability, while preserving the environment and contributing to improving people’s quality of life. This purpose is put into action with our innovations in seeds, crop protection and services which are embedded in proactive stewardship programs and suitable partnerships.

<strong>Agriculture:</strong> through Food Chain Partnerships Bayer is helping farmers worldwide to produce agricultural products of a best possible quality. Zoom image
Agriculture: through Food Chain Partnerships Bayer is helping farmers worldwide to produce agricultural products of a best possible quality.

With a growing demand for food – and increasing arable land scarcity – there is an emphasis on producing more with less. In this context, our hybrid seeds such as rice, canola and one day even wheat, enable increased yields and returns from the same amount of land. The hybrid vigor of our improved, high quality seeds makes the best use of too much or too little water and nutrients. Further solutions besides biological or chemical crop protection treatments are the option of using seed treatments for certain pest/crop situations. Modern seed treatments are much more precise and targeted than spraying whole fields and help protect vulnerable seedlings from early season pests like nematodes.

Increasing Smallholder Productivity

Smallholders have a fundamental role to play in global food security. They produce more than 80 percent of the food consumed in developing countries. They will remain a key contributor to feeding the world. We aim to contribute to increased smallholder productivity by expanding our presence in Africa and Asia to offer tailored solutions that meet the local needs of farmers by integrated crop technologies based on improved seed varieties and training in best practices, environmental protection and product safety.

Challenges of Sustainable Agriculture

No Life without Soil

Sustainable agricultural practices increase the availability of nutritious and affordable food, preserving environmental quality and supporting rural development while improving the livelihood of farmers. However, there is no “one size fits all” solution in modern sustainable agriculture, thus a coordinated and concerted effort between the public and private sectors is essential to establish initiatives promoting sustainable agricultural measures is appropriate for the target market.

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