Ratings, ranking lists and awards from the years 2006 to 2013

Our sustainability commitment to our employees, the environment and the community and our corporate sustainability performance continuously receives recognition from outside organizations. The awards, ratings and rankings below are a selection of recent honors in the areas of sustainability and social commitment.

Selected awards, ratings and rankings for Bayer’s sustainability performance

Access to Medicine Index

Access to medicine index logo

The Access to Medicine Foundation (ATM) was set up in the Netherlands in 2005 with the aim of improving access to sustainable health care, particularly in developing countries. This global initiative is supported not only by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation but also by 30 institutional investors with a managed investment volume totaling around USD 3.7 trillion.

The Access to Medicine Index was published for the third time in 2012. After reaching rank 14 in the previous assessment, Bayer is number nine on the 2012 index out of the 20 R&D-based pharmaceutical companies evaluated.
The ATM index measures and ranks to what extent pharmaceutical companies' activities facilitate access to sustainable health care and especially to affordable and effective medication. The index has classified the top 20 R&D-based pharmaceutical companies every two years since 2008, thereby helping to further the debate on this subject. The evaluation was performed by the U.S. rating agency MSCI till 2012. The complete report and Bayer's company profile with respect to ATM 2012 are available here. In 2014 there will be another ATM index, which will be supported for the first time by the rating agency “Sustainalytics” as a research partner. The results, including Bayer's position, will be published in November 2014.

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) – CDLI and CPLI 2012

Carbon Disclosure Project

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), an investors’ organization, again listed Bayer in the Climate Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI) owing to its transparent reporting of CO2 emissions. The Group was awarded 99 out of a possible 100 points, thereby becoming the leader in the health sector.

IÖW Ranking

Since 1994, the ranking by the Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IÖW) and the future e.V. federation of companies has been regularly assessing the way Germany's 150 largest companies report on their social and ecological activities and challenges. The companies' sustainability reports are evaluated based on a comprehensive catalog of criteria. The areas assessed cover reporting on overarching criteria – such as sustainability strategy and management – alongside reports on specific activities undertaken by the companies with regard to employees' interests, ecological production operations and responsibility in the supply chain, for example. After reaching place 12 in 2009, the Bayer Sustainable Development Report 2010 was ranked 5th in the Ranking 2011.

Rio summit: Bayer initiative for sustainable building honored

A network of experts of the EcoCommercial Building (ECB) Program managed by Bayer MaterialScience has been honored at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro as a worldwide model for sustainable building. The award was presented by the Global Forum on Human Settlements (GFHS) at a conference it is co-hosting with the United Nations. The award for “Best Practice of Global Green Building” was presented in recognition of numerous Bayer-owned buildings built according to the ECB concept.

The global program established by Bayer MaterialScience in 2009 bundles the expertise of experts in various disciplines revolving around sustainable building. It counts over 50 partners, including companies such as ThyssenKrupp, Stiebel Eltron and Philips. The objective is the planning and erection of tailored, energy-optimized buildings according to a holistic concept. The Bayer buildings in the United States, Germany, Belgium and Italy are exemplary in this regard.

CDP Water Disclosure Project

In 2012, on the initiative of the Carbon Disclosure Project, the world’s 318 largest water-sensitive companies were asked to provide consumption data on water and information on the risks and opportunities connected with it. The Water Disclosure Project represents 470 institutional investors with combined assets under management totaling US$50 trillion.
Alongside 191 other companies, Bayer participated in the survey, generating greater transparency in a sustainability issue that is coming increasingly into the spotlight among investors and the public. The report published by CDP  comprises data and facts on how increasingly scarce water resources are having an impact on the activities of major corporations.

Advanced Sustainable Performance Indices (ASPI) Eurozone

From 2001 until the closing of the index in 2012, Bayer was represented on the Advanced Sustainable Performance Indices (ASPI) Eurozone. The ASPI is made up of the top 120 sustainability leaders listed in the Dow Jones Euro Stoxx and is revised annually. The basis for inclusion in the ASPI is an assessment by the French rating agency Vigeo, which specializes in sustainable development and corporate responsibility.
It basis its rating, for example, on the criteria of sustainable governance, staff and employees' rights, relationships with customers and suppliers, HESQ (health, environment, safety, quality) and social commitment.

SAM “Sustainability Yearbook” 2012 and Sustainability Award 2012 -Gold standard for Bayer 

Praise for Bayer: As the best German chemical company in the area of sustainability Bayer has been honored with the SAM Sustainability Award 2012.The rating agency Sustainable Asset Management (SAM) conferred its Gold standard on the Group in the area of sustainability. On a global scale, two other companies in the chemical industry were granted similar recognition.

In its Sustainability Yearbook, the rating agency Sustainable Asset Management (SAM) provides insights into its annual SAM Corporate Sustainability Assessment of companies from 58 sectors. This determines the companies that are included in the SAM Yearbook listing the world’s sustainability leaders. These comprise the top 15 percent of companies from each sector classified into three categories: SAM Gold Class, Silver Class and Bronze Class. In the Yearbook 2012 Bayer has been honored with SAM Gold Class for its commitment to sustainability, as one of three companies in the chemical sector. Apart from the sector leader, those peer group companies whose total score is within 1 percent of the SAM Sector Leader are awarded SAM Gold Class.

SAM assesses the sustainability performance of more than 2,000 of the world's largest listed companies. The composition of the Dow Jones Sustainability indices is based on its evaluation. According to the rating agency, companies headquartered in Germany traditionally perform very well in this sustainability ranking in an international comparison. Bayer is included in both indices relevant for the company, the Dow Jones Sustainability Index World and the Dow Jones Sustainability Index Europe. Investors are showing an increasing interest in how companies integrate sustainable development into their strategies, and apply sustainability ratings as an additional risk indicator.

Storebrand Principle Fund

At the beginning of 2010, analysts from Norwegian financial service provider Storebrand Investments carried out an assessment of 15 pharmaceutical companies. As one of the top three companies, Bayer was awarded "Best in Class" status. As a result, Bayer stock once again qualified for inclusion in the Storebrand Principle Fund. Storebrand is considered one of the world’s leading financial service providers for sustainable investments.

Storebrand has been awarding "Best in Class" status since the end of 2009 to companies that stand out due to their excellent financial performance and their credentials in the environmental, climate protection, social and governance sectors, while not violating the exclusion criteria. Bayer received a very good rating in the human rights area for the implementation of its Bayer Human Rights Position, among other aspects.

Storebrand’s analysis techniques include continuous negative screening, the "Best in Class" analysis and active dialogue with companies.

Access to Medicine Index

The Access to Medicine Foundation was set up in the Netherlands in 2005 with the aim of improving access to sustainable health care, particularly in developing countries. In 2008, the Foundation established the Access to Medicine Index. The “Access to Medicine Index” is supported by 27 institutional investors with a managed investment volume totaling US$3.3 trillion.

The Access to Medicine Index (ATM) was published for the second time in 2010 following its first issue in 2008. After reaching rank nine in 2008, Bayer is number 14 on the 2010 Access to Medicines Index out of 20 R&D-based pharmaceutical companies analyzed. The evaluation is carried out by U.S. rating agency MSCI.

The ATM Index assesses and evaluates the extent to which pharmaceutical companies promote access to sustainable health care and to effective, affordable medicines in particular. The index classifies the top 20 R&D-based pharmaceutical companies and seven generics companies in the world. The ATM Index is helping to further the debate on this subject. The complete report and Bayer’s company profile with respect to ATM are openly accessible on the ATM website.

oekom research: Industry Report "Sustainability in the Chemical Industry"

As part of an industry analysis last carried out in September 2009, German sustainability rating agency oekom research evaluated the top 26 global chemical companies based on a series of ecological and social criteria. The companies were assessed in a number of areas, including employees, suppliers, product stewardship, corporate governance, environmental management and eco-efficiency. Rated on a scale from A (top) to D-, Bayer was awarded a C, higher than the overall average for all companies assessed. With an overall score of B-, only three of the companies involved met the minimum sector-specific requirements specified by oekom research and were awarded "Best in Class" status.

Good Company Ranking 2009

After reaching 16th place in 2005 and 12th place in 2007, Bayer moved up to 7th place in the Good Company Ranking 2009 and is thus ranked in the top ten. Established by Manager Magazine, the ranking assesses the social commitment of the 90 largest European joint stock companies, rating them in the fields of employees, social responsibility, environment and business performance. It has been organized since 2005 by Hamburg-based management consultant Kirchhoff Consult and was last conducted in 2009.

Dow Jones Sustainability Indices

In 2013 Bayer remains "best in class" in sustainability. This is demonstrated by the company's renewed inclusion in both the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World). Bayer has been listed continuously in the DJSI World since its inception in 1999. In 2013 Bayer was classified and assessed for the first time as a pharmaceutical company (having been considered a chemical company from 2002 to 2012).

Alongside innovation management, central categories assessed include responsible corporate governance, environmental management and performance, human resources policy and supplier and customer relations. For the DJSI World, the Swiss rating agency RobecoSAM assesses the world's 2,500 largest listed companies (Dow Jones Global Index) on behalf of the index provider Dow Jones according to the “best-in-class” principle: the 10 percent of companies in one sector that have the best economic, ecological and social performance qualify.

Table: SAM ratings of Bayer AG in past years

Total (best score of leader in each case)70 (78)76 (80)75 (83)81 (86)78 (88)82 (88)85 (89)83 (89)88
Economic dimension6170797072837679888884
Ecological dimension7981738984859695908684
Social dimension7277758278778174858579

Listing in the DJSI World is based on a Corporate Sustainability Assessment by the well-known Swiss rating agency SAM (Sustainable Asset Management). SAM identifies the world's sustainability leaders on the basis of economic, ecological and social criteria. Companies are selected for inclusion in the index using a best-in-class approach: rather than listing all companies that meet specific sustainability criteria, only the top performers from each sector are included. The best 10 percent of companies in each sector from the 2,500 major corporations listed on the Dow Jones Global Index are included in the DJSI World. And the top 20 percent of the 600 largest European listed companies qualify for inclusion in the DJSI Europe.

The Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) was launched in September 1999 as the first global sustainability benchmark. It is published and licensed by SAM in collaboration with Dow Jones Indexes. The DJSI family is based on the experience of the established stock index provider Dow Jones and SAM’s long-standing sustainability expertise. A rising number of asset managers use the indexes as an objective and professional benchmark for sustainability investments. According to index provider Dow Jones, portfolio managers in 16 countries currently use the composition of the Dow Jones sustainability indexes as a basis for equity investment decisions for assets totaling over US$ 8 billion.

SAM “Sustainability Yearbook” 2011

Since 2008, Sustainable Asset Management (SAM) includes the top 15 percent of companies per sector in the SAM Sustainability Yearbook 2011, which gives an overview of the corporate sustainability assessments performed. The companies represented there are classified into three categories: SAM Gold Class, SAM Silver Class and SAM Bronze Class. In the new Yearbook Bayer has been honored with SAM Silver Class for its commitment to sustainability. Peer group companies whose total score is within 10 percent of the SAM Sector Leader are awarded SAM Silver Class.

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) – CDLI and CPLI 2011

In September 2011, the company was once again included in the two global climate indices published by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). Bayer is one of 29 companies included in the Carbon Performance Leadership Index in recognition of its endeavors to reduce CO2. The company has also achieved the top international ranking in the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index, which lists the 52 companies that display the greatest transparency in climate reporting. As last year, Bayer is ranked as the best company in its sector in this index. For both indices the 500 biggest publicly traded companies (FTSE Global 500 Index) are evaluated. Only 23 companies are included in both indices. The climate indices are used as a guide by investors wishing to invest in companies with a sustainable climate strategy.

Bayer is the only chemical and pharmaceutical company that has been included in the Carbon Disclosure Index continuously for seven consecutive years. The company achieved its best overall rating to date with a score of 99 out of 100 and shares first place with three companies from other sectors. Bayer is included for the second time in the Performance Index, which was established in 2010. Instead of absolute points, companies are assigned to performance bands and Bayer has been awarded the highest rating of A.

Both the CDLI and the CPLI were compiled following detailed research and analysis of climate-relevant corporate data by corporate auditors PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) on behalf of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). As well as data on CO2 emissions and reduction targets, action and strategies to protect the environment and deal with climate change are taken into account. This database is the largest of its kind in the world. The companies’ reports are published on the Internet.

The CDP is an initiative that now includes 551 institutional investors, with combined assets under management of US$71 trillion. These investors explicitly expect companies to make available comprehensive climate-relevant information so that they can base their investment decisions on what contributions the companies make to climate protection and how they are addressing the challenges posed by climate change. In this connection, the investors are interested not just in the strategic alignment of the business toward new needs, but also the management of the business risks that can be linked with climate change. The CDLI and CPLI offer these investors such orientation for their investment decisions.

The CDP Global 500 Report 2011 and the Bayer’s response are published on the CDP website.


China Environmental Excellence Prize 2010

Bayer in China is to receive the China Environmental Excellence Prize 2010 for its achievements in environmental protection. Bayer was one of five companies honored in the "Industry" category. Only three international companies have been honored with this prize to date. The China Environmental Protection Foundation has been awarding this prize since 2000.

Energy-Optimized Construction Award 2009

The German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) honored Bayer’s project to build a climate-neutral company child daycare center with the "Energy-Optimized Construction 2009 Award.” The child daycare center, built at Bayer’s site in Monheim, is one of 10 model energy-efficient construction projects chosen by the BMWi which received the award of EUR 10,000. The prize rewards construction projects that, through innovative technology, combine a high degree of comfort with a minimum energy demand and low operating costs. These are the requirements that buildings of the future have to meet, according to the BMWi. 

Belgian Award for Architecture and Energy 2009

Energy efficiency plays a crucial role at Bayer's administration building in Diegem (Belgium). The low-energy building consumes half as much energy as standard office buildings today thanks to its energy-optimized design. It received the Belgian Award for Architecture and Energy in October 2009.

Brand Emissions Leader 2009

Bayer has been recognized as a Brand Emissions Leader in the Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare sector for 2009. The Brands Emissions Leaders Project aims to provide an annual rating of the carbon performance of the leading brand operating in the United Kingdom. Qualifying criteria include reductions realized, emissions targets and transparency in reporting.

Brazilian Environment Award 2009

Bayer has been honored by Editora JB, one of the largest communications companies in Brazil, for its efforts to save water at its Belford Roxo site in Brazil. Consumption was cut by implementing two projects: by recycling wastewater from the water treatment facility and by reusing water from the Rio Sarapuí to meet the process water requirement. These measures have saved a total of two billion liters of water over the last few years.

BDI Environment Award 2008  

Bayer has been presented with the 2008 Environment Award in the category “Environmentally Friendly Technologies” by the Federation of German Industries (BDI) for its new chlorine production process, which reduces power consumption and CO2 emissions by 30 percent. Together with partners, Bayer engineered the oxygen depolarized cathode technology to increase energy efficiency in chlorine production.

Best Green Company for America’s Children 2008

Bayer is among the most environmentally friendly companies in the United States. That was the result of a study by "Working Mother" magazine. It focused on long-term programs in environmental protection that will primarily benefit children. The judges were particularly was impressed by the Bayer Climate Program with the Bayer Climate Check and the EcoCommercial Building. The jurors further praised the company's years of commitment to climate protection.

Employees / Employers

The World’s Most Admired Companies 2013 – Bayer successfully ranked third among the most admired companies in the world

Top recognition for Bayer: The company was placed third in the category "Chemicals" by the US business magazine "Fortune" in its survey "The World’s Most Admired Companies". In 2011 Bayer has been ranked fourth. Executives from all over the world had assessed more than around 500 companies and chosen their favorites.

The Fortune survey provides one of the most important global corporate rankings. Each year several thousand senior executives, other managers and analysts rate numerous companies on the basis of product and service quality, global competitiveness and the quality of the management.

Universum ranking – Bayer is the most attractive employer in the German pharmaceutical industry

Praise for Bayer: The survey recently carried out by leading consulting corporation Universum showed that Bayer is the place where pharmaceutical students most want to work. And Bayer is a popular employer in other sectors too: science students put the company among the top three employers across all sectors, with only the Max Planck Institute and Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft scoring better.

The representative ranking is produced every year by Universum Communications on behalf of the business magazine "Wirtschaftswoche". Some 23,500 students took part in the 2012 survey, including almost 12,000 future scientists, engineers and IT specialists.

World's Most Admired Companies 2012 – Bayer Is One of the Most Admired Chemical Companies in the World

Bayer was placed fourth in the category "Chemicals" by the US business magazine "Fortune" in its survey "The World’s Most Admired Companies". Executives from all over the world had assessed more than around 700 companies and chosen their favorites. The Fortune survey provides one of the most important global corporate rankings. Each year several thousand senior executives, other managers and analysts rate numerous companies on the basis of product and service quality, global competitiveness and the quality of the management. In 2011 Bayer has also been elected among the most admired companies.

Época Negócios Award 2011 – Bayer included in the Most Prestigious Companies List in Brazil

Bayer is honored in South America: Bayer is one of the most admired companies in Brazil. This was shown by the company's inclusion in the 4th Época Negócios 100 awards, 'As Empresas de Maior Prestígio do Brasil' ('The Most Prestigious Companies in Brazil'). Among the 30 business sectors, Bayer was elected as the best in the Pharmaceutical industry category. The announcement was made during the award ceremony held at the Jockey Club in São Paulo.

Época Negócios, one of the most important business magazines in Brazil, and Grupo Troiano de Branding conducted a poll with more than 15,000 internet users to measure Brazilians' views on the corporate image of companies. They scored 249 corporate brands previously selected based on criteria such as net income, media investment level and relevance in the Brazilian market. Each brand was assessed in six areas: product or service quality, trust and ethical conduct, social and environmental commitment, innovative attitude, admiration and history and corporate evolution. Over the 115 years of operation in the country, the company's focus has been additionally on environmental compliance.

Total E-Quality-Award 2011

Logo Total E-Quality

Bayer has once again received the TOTAL E-QUALITY Award for exemplary activities in terms of human resource management aimed at providing equal opportunities for women and men in their professions. Bayer has received the award already for the fifth time – so far only one other German company has been presented the award so many times. At the beginning of 2011 Bayer has voluntarily committed itself to increase the quotas for the upper management. Therefore the group seeks to increase the percentage of women in the five highest contract levels worldwide from momentarily about 21 percent towards 30 percent by 2015.

The association TOTAL E-QUALITY Deutschland e. V. was founded in 1996 by representatives of several German companies and with the support of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Technology as well as the Federal Ministry of Family, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. The association’s aim is to establish and sustainably ensure equal job opportunities. One of the key issues is the advancement of women in leadership positions.

Bayer Honored as a Top Company for Working Mothers in 2011

Bayer Corporation has again been recognized by Working Mother magazine as one of the nation’s 100 best companies for working mothers. This is the eighth time in the past nine years the company has been recognized on the annual list. 

All companies were measured and evaluated on eight areas of work/life criteria including women’s issues and advancement, child care, company culture, flexible work arrangements, benefits, workplace profile, parental leave and other work/life programs. 

Over the years, Bayer has implemented a number of work-life programs to better fulfill the needs of employees. For example, the company established the Women’s Leadership Initiative to foster the professional development of females in the organization. 

The Working Mother recognition follows a long line of national and local recognition Bayer has received, including the Catalyst Award – the highest honor for diversity in the United States – for its initiatives and programs to develop women and minorities. Bayer has also been honored by LifesWork of Western Pennsylvania with its Joseph F. Mulach award, which honors companies’ efforts to eliminate barriers to employment for individuals with disabilities.

Rankings 2011 in Wirtschaftswoche: Bayer Is an Attractive Employer for Young Scientists

Bayer’s attractiveness as an employer is again apparent from this year’s rankings published in Wirtschaftswoche magazine. Bayer is the most popular industrial company for scientists. Nearly 22,000 students were asked to choose their "ideal employer" from a list of 130 companies, with each respondent having up to five votes. Of the more than 5,000 students of science subjects who took part in the survey, 18.1 percent voted for Bayer, making it the third-most-admired employer and the most popular industrial company of all. Only the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft and the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft received an even larger numbers of votes. This means Bayer improved by 3.5 percentage points compared with the 2010 survey, maintaining a clear lead over the fourth-most-popular company, BASF, which scored 12.4 percent.

It was the tenth time that Wirtschaftswoche had published its list of the employers most favored by German students. The survey was carried out by consultants Universum Communications in conjunction with the market research team of Access Kelly OCG in Cologne. A total of nearly 22,000 students at 103 German universities were polled, including more than 5,000 prospective scientists. 

Ranking List 2011: Bayer a Great Place to Work for Scientists

Bayer is one of the companies worldwide offering the best jobs to researchers working in industrial companies. The Leverkusen-based Group came in among the top ten of the renowned ranking list "The Scientist’s Best Places to Work in Industry". This list acknowledges top companies following creative paths to achieve scientific progress.

The ranking list is considered a key indicator for the most innovative research companies worldwide and is based on an annual survey of the scientific journal "The Scientist". In this survey, more than 2,200 scientists evaluate their working conditions according to a set of 43 criteria in the areas of research environment, management, integrity, communications, job satisfaction, training and development, remuneration and benefits, as well as policies and practices.

DuPont ranks at the top of the list. Bayer comes in eighth, followed by Abbott Laboratories and Pfizer. In another combined ranking list for large and smaller companies, Bayer takes place 27 of the top 40 worldwide. Training and development as well as remuneration and benefits were named as the company's special strengths. The U.S. company Epizyme features at the top of this list.

Global top 50 rankings in 2011

Favored by students: a global poll of more than 160,000 students by leading employer branding consultancy Universum Communications places Bayer as one of eight German companies among the world’s 50 most attractive employers in the engineering category.

The Universum index was published for the third time. Students of business and engineering subjects from Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain, U.K. and U.S. participated in the global 2011 survey.

Bayer One of the World’s Top Employers

Prestigious honor for Bayer: the company is one of the world’s top employers in the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industries according to an internet survey on the "Science Careers" career portal run by the international specialist journal "Science.

"Responses to the survey on the "Science Careers" online career portal, a platform of the international specialist journal "Science," highlighted high-end research, social responsibility and the loyalty of Bayer employees.

More than 3,700 polled

The global internet survey of more than 3,700 people was designed to find the 20 companies with the best reputations in the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology sectors. Participants were asked which qualities they judged important in a leading employer in both industries. They were then asked to assess companies using these criteria. Almost half of the respondents were under 40, 79 percent worked in the United States and 40 percent were female.

Employer of the Year Award 2009

Employer of the year in the United States: The Employer Services Management (ESM) Association honored Bayer’s commitment to and engagement in employee services and programs that contribute to a high level of employee satisfaction and morale within the workplace. The selection criteria of the ESM Association included the depth and breadth of Bayer’s program offerings in the areas of work/life, diversity, fitness and wellness, recognition and discounts.

Most popular employer in the pharmaceuticals industry in 2008

Bayer is highly rated: A survey of more than 15,000 junior professionals conducted by the Swedish consulting agency Universum Communications, in cooperation with market researchers from Access in Cologne, showed that Bayer is the most popular employer in the health/pharmaceuticals industry. The online questionnaire was completed by students of economics, information technology, science and engineering.

Corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility Award 2010

Bayer has been honored in the Czech Republic for its CSR commitment with the “Corporate Social Responsibility Award 2010.” Bayer’s Czech subsidiary was awarded third place. The panel of judges were particularly impressed by the “Making Science Make Sense” educational initiative for elementary schools and the “Ecology in Focus” photography competition for budding photographers. The award is presented annually by the Czech consulting company M.C. Triton and the public relations agency Fleishmann-Hillard.

Bayer Student Laboratories Win NRW Enterprise Award 2010

Award for Bayer student laboratories: The “Partner für Schule NRW” (partners for schools in NRW) foundation initiated by the regional government of North Rhine-Westphalia has presented Baylabs with the “Enterprise Award 2010”. The company was awarded a special prize for outstanding innovative and supraregional commitment for its educational initiatives and support.
In explaining the reason behind its decision, the panel of judges highlighted other initiatives organized or supported over the years by Bayer with the aim of promoting science education, such as the ‘Jugend forscht’ science competition for students, the Biology and Chemistry Olympiads and the ‘Making Science Make Sense’ international education program for children at elementary school.

Baylabs are student laboratories located in Wuppertal, Monheim and Leverkusen where children and young people have the opportunity to gain first-hand, practical experience of science through experiments and study programs. Tailored to specific age groups and different types of schools, experiments on health, nutrition and materials are offered to complement the curriculum. All projects were developed in close cooperation with scientists and training providers from Bayer. In 2010, a fourth, interdisciplinary Baylab was opened at the company’s headquarters in Leverkusen to supplement the three existing labs – each devoted to a single discipline – already up and running at the Wuppertal, Monheim and Leverkusen sites. In 2010, a total of some 11,500 students and teachers took advantage of the services offered by the Baylabs.

The Enterprise Award 2010 is part of the campaign “Wir wollen: Wirtschaft für Schule in NRW” (We want: Business for schools in NRW), which was initiated by the “Partner für Schule NRW” foundation with the aim of promoting long-term cooperation between business and schools. The award is supported by North Rhine-Westphalia’s Ministry of Economic Affairs, Energy, Building, Housing and Transport and the European Regional Development Fund.

Corporate Social Responsibility Prize 2009

Bayer in Vietnam was recognized by the Vietnamese Chamber of Industry and Commerce for its social involvement. The prize has been awarded since 2005 to honor companies for their achievements in the area of CSR, to raise awareness of the importance of CSR and to promote model behavior. The jury praised the Bayer initiative to strengthen environmental education for young people: the "Bayer Young Environmental Envoy" (BYEE) program.

Public Service Award 2008

Bayer educational initiative honored in the United States: The National Science Board (NSB) praised the company for its years of commitment to promoting science education in schools. The award recognizes the successful work of the "Making Science Make Sense" (MSMS) education program.

Ron Brown Award for Corporate Leadership 2006

Bayer received the prestigious Ron Brown Award for Corporate Leadership. This was the first time the award was given to a company with global headquarters outside the United States and also to a chemical company. This award is given in the name of the U.S. President to companies for achievement in the social sector. Bayer received the coveted award for its "Making Science Make Sense" program.

Sustainability and CSR Communications

CR Reporting Award 2011 – Bayer Sustainable Development Report with Top Ranking

The Bayer Sustainable Development Report ranks among the best in the world. The corporate publication came in third in the category "Best Report" at this year’s CR Reporting Awards from the online service provider

The Bayer Sustainable Development Report demonstrates how the Group creates a balance between economy, ecology and social responsibility. On 116 pages, the publication presents corporate targets, strategies and programs contributing to sustainable solutions for today's main global challenges.

The Internet platform maintains under this web address the most comprehensive registry of sustainability reports in the world with currently more than 31,000 reports from 161 countries. In an international online survey, more than 35,000 registered users evaluated these publications based on the criteria content, communication, authenticity, commitment and comparability. Only Hewlett Packard and Coca Cola achieved better results than Bayer.

IÖW - Sustainability Report Ranking 2009

Since 1994, the ranking by the Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IÖW) and the future e.V. federation of companies has been regularly assessing the way Germany's 150 largest companies report on their social and ecological activities and challenges. The companies' sustainability reports are evaluated based on a comprehensive catalog of criteria. The areas assessed cover reporting on overarching criteria – such as sustainability strategy and management – alongside reports on specific activities undertaken by the companies with regard to employees' interests, ecological production operations and responsibility in the supply chain, for example. After reaching 7th place in 2007, the Bayer Sustainable Development Report 2008 was ranked 12th in 2009 – the third highest position awarded to a company in the chemical-pharmaceutical industry.

Scientific Study by the Roberts Environmental Center at McKenna College, United States: Bayer's Sustainable Development Report 2008 and its websites are world leaders in their industry

This was the finding of a study by the prestigious Roberts Environmental Center at McKenna College in Claremont, California, which 2009 looked at sustainability reports from a total of 30 chemical companies, including the biggest in the world. The study is based on the Pacific Sustainability Index (PSI), which the Institute uses to evaluate companies' sustainability reports in six different categories. For the second time in a row, the Institute's scientists cited Bayer's Sustainable Development Report and its websites as examples of best practice in proactive sustainability reporting in the industry. Bayer's Sustainable Development Report therefore fulfills the current guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) to A level. In addition to an extensive range of quantitative data and a detailed explanation of relevant key topics, this also incorporates Bayer's commitment toprotecting human rights.

Reporting Award "" 2008 for Bayer's Sustainable Development Report: Readers evaluate reports provides the world’s largest online directory of CR/sustainability reports with currently more than 25000 Reports from 119 countries. Since 2007 delivers a global and independent award for CSR reporting – the CR Reporting Awards (CRRA). In an international online poll more than 29,000 people have the opportunity to rate the CSR Reporting of companies in several different categories.

2007 Bayer's Sustainable Development Report was rated as having the highest credibility, 2009 we received rank 4 in this category. 2008 Bayer has been ranked No. 2 in the categories “Best Carbon Disclosure Reporting” and “Relevance and Materiality”; in which we achieved place 7 and 5 in the 2009 ranking.

World Media Festival Hamburg 2009

High accolade for Bayer: At the World Media Festival Hamburg 2009, Bayer won the Gold Award for its image film "Climate Change" in the category "Corporate Communications Stockholder." The judging criteria included creative and technical excellence as well as the effectiveness of the medium in addressing the target groups.

Award for the online version of Bayer’s Sustainable Development Report 2009

The online version of Bayer’s Sustainable Development Report is absolutely top-grade. This is the conclusion of a group of experts from Nexxar, a communications service-provider, which analyzed the user friendliness of the sustainability reports of DAX 30 companies. In the ranking, Bayer achieved second place behind Deutsche Post; Daimler came in third.

CSR Online Award 2009

Bayer’s CSR online communication scored No.2. Since 2009 the Italian strategic communications consultancy Lundquist carries out a research project that measures the effectiveness of online CSR communications. Scope for the CSR Online Awards has been the online CSR communication of about 90 members of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index including all of its supersector leaders and the German DAX-30 companies. Bayer achieved rank 2 in Germany and rank 7 of all examined DJSI companies.

Econ Awards for Corporate Communications 2008

With its strategic orientation to climate change, Bayer’s Corporate Communications has struck gold. This was the conclusion of the panel of judges for the “Econ Awards for Corporate Communications", with which the Econ publishing house and the “Handelsblatt” financial journal honored special achievements. Bayer received the Gold Award in the “Strategic Corporate Communications” category. The film "Solutions for Climate Change" took silver in the “Film/Interactive Media” category. The Sustainable Development Report 2007 won bronze. Some 120 companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland submitted some 300 entries to the competition.

German PR Awards 2008

Bayer won silver for its "Climate Change" image film in the German PR Awards 2008. The German Public Relations Society (DPRG) presents the awards annually for excellence in public relations work. It is the highest honor in the PR industry in the German-speaking countries. The international panel of judges includes leading communications experts from the business and science communities, as well as from agencies.

Bayer as a Brand

Bayer in the Top Ten of the “BrandPower Ranking” 2013

A strong brand: In the current “BrandPower Ranking”, Bayer has again taken fourth place as in 2012. The company thus ranks among the top ten strongest corporate brands in the USA. As a result, Bayer is the highest placed German company in the list, which includes 100 global companies. Only Coca-Cola, Hershey and Harley-Davidson achieved higher rankings than Bayer. The company has continuously improved its position since the first ranking in 2007.

For its ranking, the company CoreBrand carries out around 10,000 telephone interviews with managers of American companies in order to assess the value and awareness of the brands of around 1,000 companies from 54 industries globally. The important criteria for the judging are the familiarity with the brand and how favorably it is viewed, its overall reputation, as well as the investment potential of the company.

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